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sap interview questionsSAP is the global leader in enterprise software and is one of the largest software companies in the world. SAP offers lucrative career opportunities for those qualified as consultants or developers. If you are interested in getting started as a SAP consultant or developer, then the SAP Beginners Course is a great resource, offering video training on the basics of how SAP works, how to navigate, and how to work within the SAP environment.

The growth in opportunities for SAP consultants and developers means that there is also more competition for SAP jobs. this means that if you want to land your dream SAP job, you need to prepare intensely for your interview. These SAP Interview Questions and Answers are a good place to start to ensure that you are well prepared for your interview so that you have the greatest chance of securing your position.

These interview questions focus on general SAP knowledge and the core SAP modules.

What are SAP and ERP?

SAP is the name of the company that supplies the leading ERP software released as SAP BW, SAP ERP, and various other SAP applications. The company was founded in Germany in 1972 and has released various versions of its ERP software. There are currently over eight million SAP users around the world.

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP applications are applications that are designed to create a real time view of the core business processes within a company so that the company can monitor and manage its processes efficiently. ERP software tracks the day to day transactions and processes within a company. ERP software tracks various business resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity and sales. Data is shared between the various company departments. ERP packages are therefore often integrated applications that span the various business processes within the business. Databases are the most popular storage method for the shared information. For more information on SAP basics, you can read the SAP Basics and Resources to Help You Learn More article available on the Udemy blog.

Name the various stages of business that can be managed using ERP software

ERP software packages can be used to manage the various business development stages including product planning stages, cost, and the product development stages. ERP software packages can also be used to manage the various manufacturing stages involved in a company. The marketing and sales stages of the company can be managed and monitored using various ERP modules. ERP modules are designed to manage and report on the inventory management stages of the company. Finally, ERP software can also be used to manage the shipping and payment stages of the business.

By integrating the various processes, management have access to various analysis tools from all levels and sections of the business, which allows them to manage the organization effectively, as well as being able to monitor the efficiency of the various processes in real time, to ensure optimal productivity.

Discuss the various SAP modules and business areas covered by SAP ERP

The various areas of business covered by SAP ERP include SAP Financials, SAP ERP Human Capital Management, and SAP ERP Operations.  The SAP Financial modules include modules that extract information and monitor the accounts payable, accounts receivable, accounting and financial reporting, risk management, regulatory compliance, cash flow, and travel management areas of the company. The SAP ERP modules include modules that allow for the management and analysis of HR and payroll, HR reporting, labor force analysis, job placement, recruitment and training, end-user maintenance and talent management. The SAP ERP Operations modules include procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and service and operations analytics.

What is SAP BW?

SAP BW is one of the modules of the software released by SAP AG. It was originally released as SAP Business Information Warehouse or SAP BIW, the application name was shortened to SAP BW or Business Warehouse and the application is currently known as SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. SAP BW is a SAP application designed for analysis, reporting and storage of data.

SAP BW is an example of a data warehouse. Like other data warehouses, SAP BW is a combination of data warehouses and data warehouse tools, designed to help and support managers in their management of the organization. BW supplies data extractors, analysis tools, and business process models. The core areas of SAP BW include Data warehouse, the BI Platform, and BI Suite.

The SAP Business Warehouse – SAP BW for Beginners course offers resources and training on SAP BW.

What is SAP HANA and What are the Components of SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an acronym for High Performance Analytic Appliance and refers to the database management system that was developed by SAP AG. SAP HANA is an in-memory, column oriented, relational database management system.

The components of SAP HANA include the SAP HANA database, the SAP HANA studio, the SAP HANA client, SAP HANA Information composer, Diagnostic Agent, SAP HANA client package for MS Excel, SAP HANA UI for Information Access, SAP HANA AFL, Software Update Manager for SAP HANA. The SAP HANA for Beginners course offers you more information and training on SAP HANA.

What is SAP CRM and what modules does SAP CRM consist of?

SAP CRM is the SAP Customer Relationship Management application that allows for the integration of sales, marketing, and analytics of the company. Modules included in the SAP CRM application include modules that handle sales, marketing, service, analytics, information center, web channel, partner channel management, investigative case management, social service, real time offer management and mobile solutions.

The SAP CRM course from Udemy offers a complete overview of the SAP CRM system and an introduction into SAP CRM.

What is SAP SD and what does the SD module keep track of?

SAP SD refers to the sales and distribution module of SAP. The SD module is one of the core modules of the application. The module keeps track of inquiries, quotations, sales orders, deliveries, picking, packaging, and invoicing.

The SAP SD Training course is a comprehensive, hands-on training course on SAP SD that covers the basics of SAP SD as well as the various end user transactions and project lifecycles.

What is SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP is an acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming. ABAP is a computer language that can be used to run SAP servers. For resources on SAP ABAP, read SAP ABAP Interview Questions: Example Questions

ABAP allows for the development of programs and applications within the SAP environment. The latest version of ABAP is ABAP Objects. ABAP Objects is an object oriented version of ABAP. ABAP Objects support class, class inheritance and polymorphism. There are three types of tables in ABAP: the standard table; sorted table and the hashed table.

What is SAP FICO and What are the Core Modules?

SAP FICO is one of the core modules available from SAP. FICO is an acronym for Financial Control. The financial module can be divided into General ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, fixed asset accounting. The control module consists of operational information that assists management in their decision making process.

Additional resources on SAP FICO include this article on SAP FICO interview questions: SAP FICO Interview Questions for the Top 4 Areas of Financial Control and this SAP FICO course: SAP FICO Training – A step by step conceptual approach.

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