learnSAPSAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products.  This software was created in 1972, and it is designed to provide a system for managing nearly every aspect of business operations.  It is known as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

**Get a newbie’s lesson in SAP ABAP programming with this online Udemy tutorial**

SAP is the most popular ERP in the world, with over 140,000 installations throughout 75,000 customers in 120 countries.  Nine out of every ten Fortune 500 companies use SAP, making it a hot target for startups and a great time to learn about the program.

Learning SAP will give you a very desirable skill set, and expert SAP corporate consultants are pulling in huge checks.  Those who know least about it deal with the general business applications of the program, but more knowledgeable consultants customize SAP for individual businesses, writing code to fulfill their unique needs.  Others help in the installation and maintenance of servers and databases, or code specific programs.

SAP is divided into many separate modules, which form an integrated system for easy business management from a central control panel.  Some of the modules included are:

·         CO Module  (Controlling)

·         PS Module (Project Systems)

·         HR Module (Human Resources)

·         PP Module (Production Planning)

·         QM Module (Quality Management)

·         TR Module (Treasury)

·         FI Module (Financial Accounting)

·         SCM Module (Supply Chain Management)

·         CS Module (Customer Service)

The use of individually functioning modules makes SAP extremely flexible.  Each can be customized and integrated with third-party software, and they provide tools and resources to complete most business tasks.

Learning SAP Today

So, how can you get started learning the fundamentals of SAP?  There are a variety of online and offline resources, some free and some paid.

SAP Beginner Training – This beginners course in SAP, hosted by Udemy, goes over everything a newcomer will need to know.  It begins with an introduction to the software, its history, what it is used for, and some advantages and disadvantages.  Next, the core modules of SAP are described, and the basic functions like logging on, navigating, and browsing tables are explained.  The course is presented with HD video instructions.

SAP Training Hub  – This site provides a number of free, detailed explanations of many aspects of SAP systems.  It includes instructions on how to use BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution), the interface for SAP programs, as well as commonly used modules like Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution, and Customer Relationship Management.  There is also a section on ABAP, the programming language used in SAP.

SAP BASIS Training – This online course provided by Udemy goes over the fundamentals of the BASIS module.  It includes the basic architecture and information on server size and administration, working all the way up to database monitoring and security, batch session and server profile management, and number range configuration.  Many other aspects of BASIS are included, and the course is taught by an instructor with 15 years of experience.

SAP HANA Training – This Udemy tutorial is a detailed explanation of everything the HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) module has to offer.  HANA makes use of data that is stored entirely in the memory, providing enhanced performance and computing ability.  This course is meant to transform a beginner into a competent HANA user, starting with an overview before getting into  concepts like creating hierarchies, the Information Design Tool, system administration, and using HANA with SQL.

Did we miss your favorite way to learn SAP?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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