sapabapinterviewquestions[1]SAP ABAP interview questions are a challenge. It is a programming language with a lot of complexity, and it can be difficult to get ready for an interview. To help you prepare, here are some common interview questions you may encounter.

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What Is ABAP?

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is one of the computer languages that can run SAP Application Servers. It is similar to COBOL and is connected to the Netweaver platform.

Describe the ABAP Data Dictionary

The ABAP data dictionary is used to build a description of the structures used in objects for application development. In addition, it indicates how they are connected to the database in terms of tables and views.

What Is A Foreign Key?

The elements of a database are created in fields. Foreign keys are utilized to make sure data is consistent across the database. New data entries are compared to existing data, and the system makes sure there is no conflict. The cardinality of the relationship must be designated when creating foreign keys. The number of records, and how those records are referenced, is mentioned by the cardinality.

What Is The Difference Between Transparent Tables and Pooled Tables?

Transparent tables in a dictionary have a one-to-one connection with database tables. The tables in both the dictionary and the database have the same name. Transparent tables actually contain application data. On the other hand, pooled tables have a many-to-one relationship. Usually, the table in the dictionary has a different name from the one in the database.

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Describe ITS

ITS stands for Internet Transaction Server. It builds a communication layer between an HTTP server and an R/3 system. It is created to relay screen data into HTML files and back again. All of the components of the transaction, even those from outside the R/3 system, can be contained in the R/3 system.

What Is A Screen Painter?

A screen painter is used to design and build elements that will appear on the screen. It creates Graphic User Interface screens for transactions. Elements of a screen painter include:

— File attributes.

— Layout.

— Flow logic.

— General attributes.

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What Is A Menu Painter?

Similar to a screen painter, a menu painter creates interface elements. Examples include:

— Menu bars.

— F-Key settings.

— Functions.

— Status.

— Titles.

— Menu lists.

Both menu and screen painters are part of the GUI interface of many ABAP/4 programs.

These are just a few of the many SAP ABAP questions you may encounter. Preparation is the key. With concerted effort and plenty of homework, each question can be handled with aplomb.

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