Evernote Bookmarklet: Learn How to Bookmark Content

evernote bookmarkletEvernote is a wonderful application that lets you create notes that include videos, text, or audio and sync these files between your smart phone and computer. Another application brought to us by Evernote, which makes creating bookmarks a whole new experience, is Evernote Bookmarklet. Also known as a web clipper, it is an extension for your browser to create a clip of a web page that you need for your ideas, mark it if required, and then share on popular social media channels or email them to your friends.

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How does it differentiate from a regular bookmark?

While a regular bookmark in your web browser will contain direct links to the web page you like, the bookmarklet lets you create a web clipping of the entire web page. This means even if the page is removed or no longer exists, you still have an entirely searchable web page snapshot for your use. What is more interesting is that apart from this, you have these bookmarklet synched and available on multiple devices for easy access.

Adding Evernote Bookmarklet to your browser

To start using the Evernote bookmarklet, you must download the web clipper from the Evernote website here. Click the Download button to download the extension for your browser. On the pop up displayed, click Add. The Evernote Bookmarklet will be now be available for you to start using in your browser.

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Options available in the bookmarklet

After the extension is installed in your web browser, the bookmarklet icon appears in the browser’s toolbar. For internet explorer, you have to right-click on the page you want to bookmark and select Clip from the menu.

Evernote bookmarklet browser icon


The bookmarklet presents you with some options for the type of web clip you want to create.

Evernote bookmarklet options


Here are the options that you categorize your web clip as:

  • Full page: If you need nothing but a basic screenshot of your web page and you like to see it just as it is seen on the web page, select the Full page option. All the headers, navigation, and advertisements appear just like the original.
  • Article: Use this option when you want to identify the main area of the blog, website or any web page you are reading. If you feel the need to extend the intended area, press + or seen at the top of the selected area. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Simplified article*: This option provides you the enhanced reading experience by removing all the distractions from the actual article. All the advertisements or other distractions are cleared to make sure only relevant information is available.
  • Bookmark*: This option has a similar feel to it just like the browser’s bookmark option. But, one major differentiator is that you don’t just have a bookmarked URL, but an image and text from that page to identify the bookmark better.
  • Screenshot*: Use this option to take a quick screenshot of an area from the web page that you need to add to your note.

* – This means the option is unavailable for Internet Explorer.

Apart from these basic functions, the Evernote Bookmarklet also lets you add text, highlight your text, highlight using shape tool, use a marker to identify text, create stamps, pixelate your text, add colors, crop required text, zoom in, and zoom out. Some of the mark up functions are available only in the Screenshot option. These include highlighter, shape tool, adding text, stamp tool, colors, crop tool, and zooming in and out.

After creating a web clip, the next step is to save it to your Evernote account. Make sure that you provide a title, relevant tags, and comments, if any to the note that you just created. Additionally, you can either share this bookmarklet with your friends over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or send them an email.

Let us create a bookmarklet

So, how does one go about creating a bookmarklet? Consider a situation where you are creating an important presentation with your team about different places to visit around the world. First thing you would need is shortlisting the images and information for these wonderful places. Here is a step-by-step process that you might follow to collate this information:

  1. Browse through the Internet on your smart phone or computer and decide on an image or information you would like to use for your project. You decide to use the Simplified Article option to ensure all the distractions are removed from that page.
  2. You see some information that can be used in your presentation. You can either use the HTML highlighter or the marker tool to highlight the information you want your team to pay special attention towards
  3. Is there a particular writing style in this page that you really liked? You can share this writing style with your friends by using the shape tool in the bookmarklet. Divert their attention towards the important text with the shape tool.
  4. Have some questions regarding some text on the web page? You can brainstorm about this question with your team by letting them know what the question is. Just use the stamp tool and ask your question using the text tool.
  5. Are you done with shortlisting your image? The next obvious step would be to share this bookmarklet with everyone on your team. Just use the social media sharing options or send an email with the bookmarklet to the entire team. Click the Share button to see all the social media options available.
  6. Click the Save button to save this bookmarklet to your Evernote account.

Here is a sample Evernote bookmarklet that you might end up creating:

Evernote bookmarklet sample

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Evernote Bookmarklet can really be a lifesaver when you need to manage your bookmarks in the most effective way. You no longer have to make peace with ordinary bookmarks that are forgotten over time because you fail to recollect what the actual content on the page was. Create your bookmarklet and enjoy the freedom to visualize better.