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Below you’ll find reviews and quotes to give you more insight into Udemy.

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For Students

The beauty of Udemy is that anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can learn from the world’s experts. Most courses are taught on demand, meaning you can take them at your own pace, and every course includes a discussion board where you can interact with the instructor and your fellow students. The best part is that most courses are free(!)… and even the paid courses cost far less than what you’d pay at a local college or university.”

Udemy Reviews, edshelf

“[T]he underlying idea driving Udemy is simple: the site makes it easy to both take and offer courses (free and paid). The most basic courses consist only of video lectures. The more advanced courses mix video lectures with workbooks, samples, and sometimes audio that can be downloaded to your iPod. All the courses I sampled provide lifetime access (once you buy the course, the material is yours forever) and a 30-day guarantee (a sign of confidence given that 30 days is enough to watch all the material for most courses). The platform is cleverly setup so that you can access your courses from any Internet-connected device, and the user interface is crisp and intuitive.”

Hacking Education with Udemy, Study Hacks

“I wanted to point out a cool advantage you get with Udemy courses. When you subscribe to any course – you get the unique (and optional) benefit of sharing feedback to the platform. This enables you to post comments, questions, or problems directly where the author can see and respond to them… [T]his really is the closest you can get to having him mentor you in person!”

Learn Pyton the Hard Way — Udemy Review, Nerd Business

For Instructors

“[Udemy] released the salaries of the top 10 instructors on the 2-year-old platform. In total, the group earned $1.65 million in the last year, with all of them bringing in more than $50,000 on their own and the top individual making more than $200,000.”

A New Way to Make Six Figures on the Web: Teaching, GigaOm

“[A] supremely talented and criminally underpaid college teacher doesn’t need to rely on a large, exploitative organization in order to reach students. All she needs is a company like Udemy, which provides course-building tools, free, along with an online marketplace where courses can be sold (or given away) to students. The teachers can charge whatever they like, and they keep 70 percent of revenues along with 100 percent of intellectual-property rights to the course.”

Revenge of the Underpaid Professors, The Chronicle of Higher Education

For more information on the benefits for instructors, check out this video interview our VP of Marketing, Dinesh Thirupuvanam, did with Think Traffic.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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