Right Brain ExercisesThe world is awakening to the fact that there is more to the human mind’s capability than what it’s used for regularly. Whole brain thinking has the potential to change the world. Those whom society deems to be geniuses have the ability to use logical left brain thinking in conjunction with the power of the creative right mind. Their minds use whole-brain thinking.

By activating the right brain so that it works in conjunction with the left brain, we are able to unlock powerful thought processes. It is possible for any normally functioning human being to learn how to learn, either through classes or through exercising the brain privately.

Everyone uses their left and right brains to function normally. Societies and governments are organized using left brain functions and concepts. However, right brain functions, such as the ability to conceptualize architecture or write long-term city ordinances requires the implementation of right brain based thinking.

Creativity is imperative to building for greatness and sustainability. The collective awakening to the fact that our brains can be used to a much fuller extent is driving the need to learn how to activate the right brain. Almost every functioning human being has the power to use both sides of their brains, though triggering creativity may be more difficult for some than others. Triggering creativity begins with introspective cleansing.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is most simply defined as the use of the imagination to generate original ideas. Creativity can be used by any normally functioning human being working in any field. People are born with the natural ability to come up with completely original ideas, alternative solutions to problems, use some sort of language to communicate with other humans, and conceptualize imaginary objects through storytelling for entertainment purposes.

Some people are more creative than others because they are motivated by an internal desire to use creative problem solving. It brings them pleasure. Creative people were likely faced with creativity boosting stimuli early in life and on a consistent basis. The right brain triggers may be born from a number of different issues facing humans: boredom, loneliness or a need to solve a poignant or persistent problem are just a few reasons. Right brain activation may be conscious or subconscious, but cannot be forced simply by the desire to think creatively.

Viewing problems through a new method or perspective is required, as is the ability to step back and come up with alternative solutions to problems, or at least new ideas to approach problems. Learning how to access deeper thoughts comes from cultivating mental flexibility, navigating through unpredictable thought processes, the ability to feel confident and patience with oneself even when triggering right brained creativity is difficult or slow to come. Learning to be confident in the validity of fleeting ideas and thoughts is important.

How Might Creativity be Used?

Creative people are often perceived as very interesting and able to carry stimulating intellectual discussions. They are humorous as well as very intelligent. Creative job fields and industry examples include: written or verbal communications, visual arts, music, science, architecture and more.

Creative people leave a lasting impression upon societies and tend to make big differences where others fail. Some creative people make very important discoveries that they never have the chance or do not want to share with the world, such as Nikoli Tesla and his secret to free, unlimited, easily accessed electricity. Creativity is wasted if it is never shared.

Personal Characteristics of Creative Personality Types

There are certain personal characteristics that are common to those with strong creative thinking skills. They are innocent in some ways, but intelligent. They posses a sometimes confusing mixture of discipline and dreamy irresponsibility. They are full of restful or quiet energy, with the potential to burst into intermittent flurries of high activity.

Well exercised creative brains have the ability to alternate between reality and fantasy at will. While usually introverted, creative personality types can also be extroverted on occasion. Achievement and pride in one’s work is important, even though these types of people are humble. Creative types are sensitive to deeper levels of emotion, which fosters a greater passion for their work. .

Those who are creative are generally more open minded about gender roles and may have independent political tendencies. This stems from the ability to step back from situations and analyze problems from many different angles. Doing this breeds empathy and leads to a more well rounded approach to life. Creative types are able to be very objective about their work.

Fostering Creativity

There are certain mental and physical ways to prepare the mind for increased right brain activity. The brain must have proper nourishment and hydration, just like all other bodily organs. Learn about the nutritional values of foods normally consumed in order to pinpoint which vitamins or minerals might be missing. To be healthy and active, the brain also needs exercises that help stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain and activate deeper thought processes.

Dietary Nutrition and Hydration

All doctors and scientists agree that the body and mind performs best when properly hydrated. Caffeinated beverages are ok, so long as amounts consumed are not excessive. The best way to hydrate the body in preparation for stimulating whole brain thinking is to drink water.

Practice Yoga to Clear the Mind

One of the most effective means of clearing the mind is practicing yoga. At more than 5,000 years old, Yoga has evolved into a way to relax, obtain long life, improve health and find greater personal freedom. Yoga means “ to join or yoke together” bringing the mind and body together for an experience of perfect harmony. Combining the mental and physical aspects of right brain stimulation is important, as neither is strong without the other.

Yoga is useful as it functions on three main points: exercise, breathing, and meditation. When done properly, the exercises put pressure on the bodies glandular system, which in turn increases overall health. Healthy hormone levels and a well exercised body translates to better mental functions. Proper breathing will increase the function of body and mind. Breathing and exercise prepare mind and body for meditation. These three points sharpen and brighten minds and strengthen bodies.

Most adults regardless of age or physical condition can practice Yoga. The non-strenuous fluidity of movement is very stimulating mentally and physically, and it is highly recommended to get in the habit of practicing yoga. Take a yoga class to learn the basics of stretching, breathing and meditation.

Goal Setting

Creativity flourishes when clear and concise goals are set. A goal is merely a fun challenge to the creative mind. Learning to set realistic goals can be done in a formal class. Begin by stating a goal and then visualising that goal in the mind’s eye. Continue to visualize reaching that goal throughout the process of attainment.

Left brained thinking is very important in the goal setting stage because steps to attaining goals must be set and organized. The right brain will come into play while conceptualizing the approach to attaining the goal. Always try to look at the plan of attack from every possible angle to anticipate roadblocks and formulate a plan to troubleshoot problems.

Understand that there will be many failures along the road to fulfillment. Focused practice and persistence is the only way to attain goals. Remember to analyze errors and remedy problems using methods that have never been used before if other traditional methods fail. Persistence pays off.

Exercises to Activate the Right Hemisphere

According to Oprah.com, the following mental exercises are great for stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain.

Repetitive Writing with a Twist – Begin by writing a word. This word can be a name or any other word, so long as it is written by hand. Look at the written word carefully. Next, write the word while looking in the mirror. Now, write it upside down. Keep writing the word in this order repeatedly until it becomes easy.

Conversation Between Hemispheres – Both right and left-handed people begin this exercise by gripping a pencil in the right hand and writing any short phrase, such as “it’s a nice day today.” Switch writing hands and write a statement in reply to the first statement. Notice that different attitudes and personalities emerge depending upon which hand is used to write. Neatness is irrelevant to this exercise; just get the words on the page.

The left brain controls the assessment of feelings and offers logical solutions to problems. When writing using the right hand, the left brain is primarily being put to use. Often times, forgotten facts will emerge from the subconscious mind during this exercise. When using the left hand to write, people often write what feels right or what intuition inspires them to write. New and improved solutions to problems are more likely to emerge now.

Move in an Unfamiliar Way – Moving in a new way requires imagination, which is a right brain process. Learning new dance steps or exercise moves is a great way to activate the right brain. Try learning a new yoga pose, martial arts move or try a new sport. Any sports that are unfamiliar will work. If sports are not a viable option, try to learn how to do a new type of braiding or weaving. So long as the body is moving in an unfamiliar rhythm, the right brain is being exercised.

There are many yoga classes that can be taken online to help with correctly and safely learning poses for those of all physical fitness levels. Beginner’s courses are easy and not very physically challenging for those who are accustomed to physical activity. However, new poses are usually awkward at first. That awkward feeling is an indication that the right brain is activated, so it is a good sign.

If yoga, a new sport or working with the hands sounds unappealing, alternatively try a few salsa dancing tutorials. If the activity is initially difficult, it will stimulate the right side of the brain. Keep doing the activity until a sense of accomplishment is achieved.

Put Right Brain Activation to Good Use

When the right brain is full awakened, huge strides can be taken towards attaining goals. Those with creative minds are prone to bursts of energy that allow them to invent life changing products, create artistic masterpieces and solve pressing world problems. Without strong right-brained thinkers, the world would be far less advanced in every field. Learn to harness the power of the brain, unleash forgotten facts and memories laying within the subconscious mind and develop ideas that make a big difference in the world.

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