Photographic Memory Training : Remember Everything!

cognitive skillsHaving a photographic memory is a blessing in disguise and those who have this quality can instantly recall images, names, words, numbers and other information with great accuracy. Sharp memory skills depend on the neuroplasticity of the brain or the ability to form new connections by breaking the old connections from time to time. Some people are born with excellent memory skills, while others need to practice techniques to sharpen their memory. Understanding how visual memory works can help you discover the quickest way to learn and memorize things.

Photographic Memory Training

Memory training is not very difficult; even a child can learn photographic memory techniques without much effort. It takes you back to the ancient times when special techniques and tools were used to improve memory and memorize important things. Below are some photographic memory training techniques that will not only help you improve your memory but also significantly help you improve your ability to recall information:

  • By improving lifestyle – Many people face issues of memory loss and most of them arise out of anxiety, depression, anger etc. There are different therapies to help you get a grab on some of these symptoms and they include talk therapy, musical therapy, light therapy, aromatherapy etc. You can spend more time doing the activities you love to do and it’s important that you always try to keep your mind active. Find out more on how to develop a photographic memory in our course on mastering memory.
  • Applying appropriate memory strategies – Minimizing distractions is one of the best ways to develop your photographic memory. Forgetfulness is not a memory issue, but is the result of distraction. So focus on one thing, instead of trying out multiple things together.
  • By visualizing things – Try to improve your general memory. This method is just like seeing old photographs for remembering things from the past. You can also make use of image associations and this can be done by visualizing things. It is easy to recall if the image is imprinted on your mind. For example, if you are searching for car keys, try to visualize the place where the car keys might have been kept. This method is very effective for remembering anything in general.
  • Using military techniques – These are the techniques that are used by the military to train their commanders and important personnel; they include techniques like objective viewing, psychic spies, photographic memories etc. One can remember pictures, images, locations or coordinates in an effective manner with the help of these techniques.
  • Photographic memory training courses and exercises – Photographic memory training exercises are used to improve the memory of an individual. There are numerous exercises such as word association, list building, storytelling, playing picture games, etc. Exercises like picture games make the training experience very interesting and people are more likely to memorize what they hear and put into practice effectively.

Become a Super Learner

Learning depends on the individual’s ability to breakdown information in to small chunks. Not everyone is blessed with the capacity to grasp things quickly; so, most of us follow a routine that enables us to become a quick learner. Learn how to learn things better, and faster, with this course. Researchers suggest that the greater the learner’s involvement in learning; the higher is the level of memorizing. Below are some tips that can definitely help you become a super learner:

  • Determine learning objectives – Whenever you want to expand your knowledge on something, you should ask yourself, “Why should I learn this?” You should determine the purpose of training and pay special attention towards your learning objective.
  • Maintain a good learning discipline– You should attend the memory training sessions without any distractions in mind. We all know that multi-tasking doesn’t do any good for the memory thereby affecting our work. The same is the case with the learning process. If your mind is occupied with some other task, you will not be able to focus on your training session and learn new things. Remember to “empty your cup” before learning something new; if your attention is divided during the process of encoding new information, then you are less likely to remember the information learnt.
  • Build strong background knowledge – Some of the best training sessions happen when the trainees spend a bit of time to explore things on their own. You should read the trainer’s agenda by spending some time to go through available resources.
  • Always be self-directed – You can take charge of your learning outcomes. Never hesitate to ask questions to clarify your doubts. The more questions you ask, the faster is the speed at which you learn things.

For an in-depth training, take our online course on become a super learner.

Mind Mapping Techniques

What are mind maps and why are they better than text notes? Well, mind mapping is the process of capturing your thoughts in visual form. Mind maps can help you become more creative and solve problems in an efficient manner. A mind map is basically a program or diagram that connects the information around a central object and can be used for any thinking or learning task. Professionals and entrepreneurs can use mind mapping techniques to unleash the creativity of their brains, connect groups together through natural associations, and help to generate new ideas at a faster rate.

Minds maps help you learn things in an effective manner and they are better than text notes because it’s proven that the human brain can memorize things faster when captured in visual form. Mind maps can give an overview of large information in an easy way. In a survey, business owners who started mind mapping said that they were able to work significantly faster than before, because they are can judge complex projects easily through the process of mind mapping. As ideas can be generated quickly, you can explore different creative paths. If you want to get started with mind mapping, then the best approach is to get a pen and paper, make a plan and turn your ideas into a business plan. You can also use electronic gadgets to make your mind maps searchable by including attachments, which can be referred to whenever required. However, there is no standard way to create a mind map. You can go with the one that works effectively for you. Learn how to improve your memory retention with this course on mind mapping techniques.

If you are looking for memory skills that will help you perform better in your professional life, then photographic memory training is the perfect way to go forward. It not only helps you store information through images but also works effectively to improve your memory in the long run!