shutterstock_119809288In entrepreneurship, business that is aimed at a target group of individuals belonging to a specific category with a very specific passion or desire is called niche business. To demonstrate further, a shopping mall is not niche business, as this is a place where you find variety and multiple options to spend on. However, a bike shop would be a niche business, as the items they sell are only of interest to people with a specific hobby.

This Udemy course is a great place to start if you’re trying to come up with the perfect business idea.

Once you know what you are interested in and are ready to get started on your dream, there are unlimited options to choose from in niche business ideas. Read about other niche business ideas that have become a hit for more inspiration. Look at some of the quirky ones which you probably have thought of yourself and thought would never work, that went on to be a big hit. Read about these brilliant niche business ideas here that made it out of the thinking stage and find your own inspiration.

It is important to research and find creative, unique niche areas in order to generate good revenues and returns if you are a beginner and don’t have billions of dollars to spend on advertising. If you have a passion to succeed and make it big on your own, empower yourself, and find your niche for entrepreneurship.

There are always ways to make money, if you know the right audience to target. In order to determine a niche area, first consider the big markets. The big markets are areas like health, pets, software, content, business services, etc. Now narrow down the areas you have particular interest in. When choosing the right niche to delve into, consider the knowledge you have, and the audience, area you are choosing to explore. Make sure you do adequate market research that will allow you to narrow down the exact niche you wish to invest time and money in. Ensure that you weigh pros and cons during research to see which niche is best suited to you and how to specialize in that micro-niche.

Niches in Mobile and Online Media

For example if you have an interest in software, consider going in to niche areas like app development. You can find plenty of work online for app development in specific platforms like Android, iOS, etc. This is a further specialization. There is always money to be made in the niches, you don’t need to be an expert, you can always find people to do it for you, once you have the target audience hooked and buying from you. What you need is interest, passion, and the right pitch to get the business running.  Learn how to do app development on your own, easily with this tutorial. The right pitch involves knowing the right marketing techniques. Here are some excellent strategies you can employ to ensure that you focus on the right market in the right way.

If you are ready to take the leap, learn how to build your brand and market yourself using some of the powerful tools of the social media age available to you.  Search engine optimization techniques are a big part of making your online presence visible. There are easy to use tools available that one can get started on to build a reputation and gather responses online through various techniques of online branding like blogging. If you want to get started right away, then don’t wait. Learn how to build your brand today through proven techniques and look at the responses you get with blogging, onsite optimization, and social media techniques.

Social Media Consultant

In today’s world, for every business an online presence is mandatory for success and growth. People need to find that your business is accessible and known to others in their social circle. The way to do this is by being visible online when they search for you, with key terms associated to your business, called keywords in the search engine optimization business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all offer excellent media to endorse your business with. These social networks have taken internet marketing to whole new levels. The need of the hour for companies is to be visible on these social media. A niche business targeting people who need to be promoted through social media is a big hit. There is always demand for folks who can generate fresh content, keep the social media abuzz and grab the desired kind of attention through these forums for an online company. Within this niche, there are micro niches based on which social media platform you specialize in, such as Twitter, Face book, you tube etc. Here is a course that will help you to hone your skills as a Twitter consultant for online business.

Niches in Weddings

Weddings are happening every day all around the world as people continue to believe in the magic of love. Planning an event like a destination wedding or even a simple one can be a lot of work. Today, the need for wedding planners who will sort out all of the details, right from the bride’s tiara to food and music are in a lot of demand. This is a good niche area to invest in, if you love working on dream weddings for others. Managing the guests, arranging performances at the wedding, the cake, flowers, gifts, invites and more are sorted out by the planner.  You could also specialize in one particular area of weddings like photography. Speaking of which, there are photographers who specialize in creating memories of pregnancy and babies too, which is a whole other area. There is always demand for talent and niche business ideas allow you to focus all your energy on the one specific audience and sell your work to them. Learn more about professional wedding photography through this online course.

Creative and Design Niches

Are you someone who has been fiddling around with website designs and thinks of great ideas for how some brick and mortar business could look fabulous online? You might want to consider website design as a niche idea to explore. You just need an internet connection and a working computer to get started with this business. You can handle and get in touch with clients in your local neighborhood, pitch ideas to local celebrities, stores etc. Handling clients through chat, email, and phone from anywhere in the world is also possible. Learn more about getting into the website design business through this easy to follow that gives you access to high quality instructional videos and lifetime access to 22 lectures.

For people who are into designing and fashion, there is immense number of niche business ideas to consider. Consider going into a niche area like personal shopping. Showcase your work by providing a specialized service that provides celebrity look-alike dresses at to-die-for prices. You can also make and sell your own clothes on websites like eBay and Etsy. Check out this blog post on selling items on eBay.

Another area in creative design and arts that allows you to combine two passions like cooking and art is baking. There is a lot of demand for cupcakes, cakes and other food that is done artistically at parties and events. For those who love baking, doing some skill enhancement to hone your baking and decorating skills with a good tutorial will enable you to create exquisite pieces to earn more. You will find that people will queue up to buy your creations that aren’t just delicious but are also beautiful works of art.

Niches for Pet Lovers

Do you find that you often stop to feed stray cats and dogs? Are you in love with animals and love finding great things for people’s pets? You could explore a niche business idea to do with pets.  Specialty cakes for pet’s birthdays, pizza for pets, grooming salons, even psychologists for pets are great niche ideas to explore. You could focus on a niche like specialty food for pets and bring it out to target audiences through pamphlets, flyers, or consider building a website.  Get a demo video up and running on Face book to let people know what you offer and how it is a great way to pamper pets. Here is how you can learn online, how to get an excellent demo video on your niche business venture to audiences.  No need to spend a lot of money to find someone to do your video, learn it on your own online and save the money for your business idea.

Motivational Speaking and Life Coaching

Have you always won debates and competitions on stage? Do you feel you could be a powerful motivational speaker or life coach? Is your passion in helping others realize their dreams? Then being a motivational life coach is an excellent niche idea to explore. People often feel stuck in a phase in life; there are scores of individual looking for guidance in various aspects of their life. If you have always read a lot of Paulo Coelho, Patrick Williams, Tony Robbins, and Kahlil Gibran and often find that people around you look up to you for help during times of crisis, this could be your calling. To polish your skills and be an excellent life coach you could even take up a course that will add to your repertoire of skills. You can also consider being a motivational speaker. You can look at some excellent online courses to get started as a motivational speaker.

If you have always dreamed of getting started on something you are passionate about and have held back, then it is time to let go of those inhibitions and get started with your idea. There are so many similar products and services flooding the market, however, the beauty of a niche is that it allows you to personalize the experience and focus on smaller markets. There is greater specificity and plenty of tools available to allow you to reap excellent rewards. Consider advice from a young entrepreneur through this informative video, and take the leap to realize your goals.

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