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domain flippingIs there anything trickier than choosing a great domain for your website? Domains can be worth a lot of money, with famous names like Hotels.com and Business.com selling for $11 million and $7.5 million respectively.

While tracking down multi-million dollar domain names is incredibly tough, it’s still very possible to profit from flipping domains for hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars each.

In this guide, you’ll learn six tactics for domain flipping. From tracking down expired domains with PageRank and great backlink profiles to buying local domains to resell to small business, read on to become a domain flipping expert.

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Focus on local domain names

Over the last decade, local search engine optimization has grown from a tiny market into a huge industry. From pizza delivery restaurants to dentists, almost every local business wants to be the first result for its target search keywords.

One of the best ways to climb the search engine rankings is with a domain name that includes your target keywords. For example, ChicagoPizzaDelivery.com should rank near the top of the results for keywords like “Chicago pizza delivery.”

Use Namecheap, GoDaddy or another domain registrar to search for local domains that could be of value to businesses in your city. Once you’ve found a winner, buy it and contact several local businesses that you think would be interested in owning it.

With a persuasive sales email, you’ll rarely struggle to find a local business owner that’s interested in acquiring a strategically valuable domain name. With the right focus on sales, this domain flipping strategy can be incredibly profitable.

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Buy domains with PageRank

There’s more to SEO than just the keyword relevancy of your domain. Domains that were previously used for other websites but have since expired often have hundreds of backlinks and a reasonably high PageRank.

This makes them exceedingly valuable to SEOs interested in building links to their own websites or rebuilding the domain to attract search engine traffic. Expired or dropped domains with a PageRank of five or more are particularly valuable.

Finding domains with PageRank manually is incredibly time consuming, and you’ll rarely generate a good profit on your time. However, if you’re used to web scraping, you’ll find it easy to locate valuable PageRank domains in minutes.

Learn how to create a web scraper that finds high-PageRank domains with ease by enrolling in Web Scraping for Sales and Growth Hackers. You don’t need any coding experience to become an expert at scraping domain-related SEO data.


Choose a niche you understand

It often helps to have expert knowledge when you’re searching for domains. If you understand a niche very well – whether it’s fishing or small business advice – make use of your knowledge and search for domains for sale within your niche.

With an expert’s perspective, you’re bound to discover domains being sold on most registrars and auction websites for significantly less than they’re worth. If you’re an expert, you’ll also find it easier to contact potential buyers in your niche.

From interior decorating to automotive repair, every niche has opportunities for a smart domain investor to profit. Put your expert knowledge to use and scout your favorite niche for good domain investing opportunities.


Flip websites, not just domains

Sometimes, a domain is worth far more with it comes with an established website instead of on its own. Building a website on your investment domains has several benefits: it proves its SEO value, shows its potential, and makes it more appealing for potential buyers.

If you spot a domain that you think could generate traffic from search engines with minimal additional SEO, don’t be afraid to build a simple WordPress website. If you can find the right buyer, having a website can double (or triple) a domain’s value.

Do you need help building a website for your investment domains? Learn how you can use WordPress to build a great looking, SEO optimized website in minutes with our WordPress for Beginners course.


Don’t try to sell straight away

Some domain flips can be completed in days. You register the domain, search using Google and online business directories to find customers, and sell the domain to an interested buyer within a few days.

Not all domain sales go this smoothly, however, and some may require you to hold a domain for weeks, months, or even years before it’s time to sell. This is particularly true for domains that have huge value to a small, niche audience.

Don’t be afraid to take a long-term strategy to domain flipping and hold domains for years at a time. Remember, it’s better to sell your domains at a huge profit in months than it is to sell them at a modest profit in mere days.

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Consider alternative TLDs

The days of .com, .net and .org being the only top-level domains worth considering are well and truly over. Today, every domain extension from .io to .us can be worth an incredible amount to the right domain investor.

If you spot a fantastic domain name that uses an unusual TLD, don’t shy away from it out of principle. With the popularity of domain hacks, an unusual top-level domain can often be worth just as much as the ‘gold standard’ .com extension.


Are you ready to start domain flipping?

Domain flipping is an excellent way to put your research and investment skills to the test and generate real online income. It’s also a fantastic way to learn what startups, online companies and marketers value in a domain name and online presence.

Learn more about domain flipping with Domain Flipping Strategies and learn the secrets of spotting great domain names with our blog post on selecting a good name for your blog or website.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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