Are you a die-hard motorsports enthusiast? Do you dream of getting behind the wheel of a McLaren race car? Or, are you just wondering what’s all this racing hype about? If so, we have the perfect course to fuel your passion and accelerate your knowledge of racing. We’re excited to introduce the new McLaren 101 course, available for FREE on Udemy, created for individuals who love McLaren and want to see behind the scenes, or those who want to get a deeper understanding of McLaren Racing’s heritage and extraordinary accomplishments. I mean, they have 20 F1 World Championships!

No matter your level of racing expertise, this course caters to a diverse range of learners. From legendary drivers like Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Mika Hakkinen, you’ll gain a glimpse into their awe-inspiring careers and the McLaren legacy.

But it’s not just fans who will appreciate this course. Automotive industry professionals — engineers, designers, or aspiring race car drivers — can enjoy this brief exploration of McLaren’s cutting-edge engineering, revolutionary aerodynamics, and groundbreaking technologies. Discover insider facts that have fueled McLaren’s success over the years. (Hint: the people and their passion for unlocking top performance is key!)

Here are the key takeaways you can expect from this fast-paced course:

  1. Explore the origins of McLaren Racing, from its humble beginnings to its rise as a dominant force in the motorsport world.
  2. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) located in Woking, England. Join our hosts, Jason and Dani, on a personalized tour through the facility, where you’ll witness the fusion of history, innovation, and triumphs that define the McLaren brand.
  3. Get insights from McLaren leaders, Daniel Gallo, Chief People & Sustainability Officer, and Kate O’Hara-Hatchley, Head of Diversity, Early Careers and Development, as they share their perspectives on investing in people and skills to drive performance for these legendary racing teams. Learn how McLaren’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the racetrack.

This course kicks off the beginning of many unique offerings that will stem from the first-of-its-kind Udemy and McLaren Racing partnership. Together, we aim to empower you to push your learning limits, just as McLaren continuously pushes the boundaries on and off the racetrack. With our shared mission of high performance and high purpose, we’re dedicated to propelling individuals and businesses forward, elevating everyone’s game.

So, rev your engines and prepare for an action-packed journey through the captivating world of McLaren Racing. Enroll in this exclusive McLaren Racing 101 course on Udemy today, and let your passion for motorsports ignite!