entj careersIt’s hard to truly define an individual’s distinct personality. However, the Myers-Briggs personality test is a good place for many to start when it comes to developing a deeper awareness of the way that they function in the many different areas of their life, from their interpersonal relationships to the careers that they will do best in. Many people look to their personality type when trying to choose a career, whether it is their first or they are looking to make a career transition.

With Udemy, you can learn methods to boost your career in 30 days – but before you do that, you need to know what it is that you really want out of your career. This can be a lot harder than it sounds. If you have a rough idea of the career that you want, but need help nailing down some of the specifics, taking a closer look at the careers that work well with your personality type can give you the perspective you need to start making those changes.

About the ENTJ Personality Type

Natural born leaders are few and far between, but as an ENTJ you can say that you are one of those individuals. Your ability to take charge when needed, with a fair but firm hand, has led to you being called the executive of the personality types. There is no challenge too difficult and no obstacle that cannot be surpassed.

One of your best traits as an ENTJ is your ability to quickly take in and process a large amount of information. You can make well-informed snap decisions, and aren’t afraid to act quickly when you find it necessary to do so. However, it’s important for the ENTJ to remain educated and informed, otherwise those snap decisions can lead to big problems.

At times the way you operate may seem a bit impersonal, especially to other extroverted personality types, but that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t care about those you are leading. It’s simply that you are willing and able to make the decisions needed for the greater good of the group.

As an ENTJ, your career is incredibly important to you. The industry that you are working in may not necessarily be important to you, so long as you are faced with challenges on a regular basis – after all, for you it’s the thrill of the job and your potential for success rather than what you are producing that is important.

You can be incredibly opinionated, and at times your leadership style can verge on bossy, especially when you are met with others who do not agree with your opinions and values. It’s important for any ENTJ to work on their ability to sensitively process the opinions of others when making decisions. After all, you want to be a leader – not a dictator. Keeping all of this in mind, let’s have a closer look at some of the career options in which an ENTJ individual can truly excel.

The Best Careers for ENTJS

Unsurprisingly, the most obvious career path for the ENTJ lies within the world of business. It’s no surprise that so many high-ranking individuals in the business world are ENTJs, including numerous CEOs and entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurship is something that interests you, be sure to check out Udemy’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship, which can get you started on the path to owning your own business.

Those ENTJ individuals who prefer to work outside of a traditional leadership role in a business, but who are still interested in the corporate world, may find that their best career path is in organization building. As an outside consultant, you can come in and help build the structure of a business from the ground up. The impersonal nature of this type of career can make it easier for the ENTJ to make even difficult decisions, such as choosing workers for layoffs if needed.

The field of law is another area in which the ENTJ can excel. As a lawyer, the ENTJ has the opportunity to make use of his logic skills and his judgment in order to facilitate legal settlements. Areas such as criminal law and family law are likely a bit too emotional and personal for the typical ENTJ, which is why so many who enter the law profession tend to stay on the corporate side of things. Many ENTH individuals who enter the law profession will go on to become judges, where their comfort in making important judgments can be crucial to their success.

Any type of administration position, whether through a business or in another setting, such as a university, can also be a great option for the ENTJ. As mentioned before, they are easily capable of making even the most difficult decisions. Even basic management jobs can be great for the ENTJ, though they may find it more uncomfortable that other extroverted personality types to work in close quarters with other individuals.

Just remember that in any position you choose, it is crucial for you as an ENTJ to have some degree of leadership.  This may not be possible when you’re just getting started, of course, but identifying a career with a clear path upwards can make a big difference in the satisfaction that you feel with your job and your career.

The YOU Plan for Career Change, a course on Udemy, can help you to begin planning and developing this career path, whatever it may be, so be sure to check it out. You may also be interested in taking Udemy’s course on developing your leadership style, which can help you transform the natural skills that you possess into a working set of skills that will lead you to tremendous success in whichever industry and whichever career that you ultimately choose.

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