We all learn differently. Some people can view a presentation once at work and walk away with a clear understanding of the what, when, and why. Others might need to absorb the presentation and study it again in a quiet space to fully understand the information. Some might even want to discuss the presentation with colleagues, talk through nuances, and hear other people’s perspectives. 

To help every professional get the most out of learning, Udemy surveyed over 12,000 global learners to uncover what makes them unique — including their preferences and motivations —  and identified five common learner profiles. In this article, we look at the Devoted Learner, someone who loves learning for the sake of learning. If this sounds like you (or someone you manage), read on for tips on how to make workplace learning work for you. 

The Devoted Learner’s approach to learning

Devoted Learners find the journey of learning just as important as the destination it can bring them to in terms of a career goal. Learning itself is the reward. As proactive knowledge-seekers, they’re energized by the thrill of learning. Their interests span various topics, and they explore for fun and personal growth as well as to develop skills for work and boost their career. They prefer to learn at their own pace, engaging anywhere, anytime. Curiosity drives their independent learning style, and they measure success by personal fulfillment rather than external validation.

How Devoted Learners like to learn

Devoted Learners prefer to set their own learning goals. They acquire new information best through hands-on experiences that allow them to put theory into practice as they develop a deep understanding of a topic. Personalized recommendations or scheduled learning timelines may hold less value for them. They want to learn it all but don’t necessarily want to be told what to learn. 

How to help Devoted Learners thrive

Because Devoted Learners are driven by their love of learning, they’re less likely to be interested in their company’s structured learning programs. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make workplace learning work for these learners. If this learning profile resonates with you, talk with your manager about incorporating the following learning design principles tailored to the Devoted Learner. 

An inclusive outlook towards learning can create a culture with high employee engagement and satisfaction. Share your learning style with your manager and colleagues, and encourage them to do the same.

Curious about other learning styles? Explore more on the Social, Confident, Emerging, and Practical Learners. 

Learning styles shape learning outcomes

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