Some team members excel at absorbing information during presentations, while others prefer independent study. Some thrive on active discussions, while others learn best through individual reflection. By understanding your own style and those of your colleagues, you can unlock a powerful competitive advantage: a team with a growth mindset, ready for a challenge.

Udemy surveyed 12,000 global learners to uncover their preferences and motivations, which make them unique in the workplace. Through this research, we identified five common learner profiles, each with its own approach to professional development. In this article, we look at the Confident Learner, a focused learner driven by the growth of their entire team. 

The Confident Learner’s approach to learning

Confident Learners are proactive and goal-oriented. They typically approach learning with specific goals in mind and seek learning challenges to fuel their professional growth. Stepping outside their comfort zone excites them. They start their learning as early as possible with a clear vision of their learning journey and the outcomes they want to realize from learning. When a Confident Learner identifies a new skill to acquire, they waste no time in starting the learning process. 

How Confident Learners Like to Learn

The Confident Learner appreciates a structured learning experience — as long as that structure allows for autonomy and the ability to set their own learning goals. Despite a preference for solo learning, they find motivation by measuring their progress against their peers. This sense of friendly competition propels the Confident Learner forward and positions them as a learning pioneer, encouraging their team’s growth whether or not they’re the team’s manager.

How to help Confident Learners thrive

As enthusiastic, self-directed learners, Confident Learners are often seen as informal learning ambassadors for their colleagues. If you’re a Confident Learner, talk with your manager about incorporating the following learning design principles into your workplace learning experience. 

The Confident Learner is eager to increase their career opportunities through learning. By recognizing a learner’s motivations and approach to goals, the learner and their companies can focus on the best learning strategies to reach their goals. Understanding how everyone learns can strengthen your team.

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Learning styles shape learning outcomes

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