60+ Arabic Conversation Phrases: Practice Your Arabic Today

arabic conversationLearning to read, write, and speak any new language is tough, especially if it’s a language like Arabic that might not share the same alphabet as your native language. A good way to dive right into learning the language, short of just practicing every day, is learning some simple conversational phrases!

In this guide, we’ll go over # Arabic conversation phrases, and providing both the original Arabic script, the romanization of each phrase, and the English translation. These should help you get a feel for the language, and help you get some simple dialogue going with potential conversation partners and teachers helping you learn Arabic.

For more, consider checking out this course on how to read and write the Arabic language.

Greetings & Goodbyes

Below you’ll find a list of traditional greetings and other basic conversation starters, plus common ways to respond to them. For more help with the language, check out this basic Arabic language course.

  • Hello – Salam – سلام
  • Welcome – Marhaban – مرحبا
  • Hello, friend (female) – Ahlan sadiqati – أهلا صديقتي
  • Hello, friend (male) – Ahlan sadiqi – أهلا صديقي
  • Good morning – Sabah el kheer – صباح الخير
  • Good evening – Masaa el kheer – مساء الخير
  • Long time, no see – Lam naraka mundhu muddah – لم نرك منذ مدة
  • I missed you so much (female) – Eshtaqto elaiki katheera –  إشتقت إليك كثيرا
  • I missed you so much (male) – Eshtaqto elaika katheera –  إشتقت إليك كثيرا
  • How are you? (female) – Kaifa haloki? –  كيف حالك؟
  • How are you? (male) – Kaifa haloka? –  كيف حالك؟
  • (I’m) good – Jayed – جيد
  • (I’m) okay – aadee – عادي
  • I am fine, thank you – Ana bekhair, shokran –  أنا بخير شكرا
  • And what about you? (female) – Wa anti? – و أنت؟
  • And what about you? (male) – Wa ant? – و أنت؟
  • What is new? – Maljadeed? – مالجديد؟
  • Nothing new – Lashai jadeed – لا شيء جديد
  • I have to go – Yajebu an athhaba al aan –  يجب أن اذهب الآن
  • I will be right back – Sa arje’o halan – سأرجع حالا
  • Good bye – Ma’a salama – مع السلامة
  • Good night – Tosbeho (male) / Tosbeheena (female) ‘ala khair – تصبحين على خير
  • See you later – Araka (male) / Araki (female) fi ma ba’d – أراك في مابعد

With these phrases, you can begin and end simple conversations. For instance, how might a simple greeting sound like?

Nashida: Hello! How are you?
Karima: I am fine, thank you. What about you?
Nashida: I am okay.
Karima: I will be right back.
Nashida: See you later!
Karima: Good bye!

In Arabic, this conversation would sound like this:

Nashida: Salam! Kaifa haloki?
Karima: Ana bekhair, shokran! Wa anti?
Nashida: ‘Aadee.
Karima: Sa arje’o halan.
Nashida: Araki fi ma ba’d!
Karima: Ma’a salama!

Can you write the conversation above in Arabic? For an introductory lesson, check out this course on how to read and write Arabic.

Introductions & Small Talk

So once you’ve begun a conversation, you probably want to be able to say more things in between before you end it. Here are some basic introductions and other small talk phrases to help get the dialogue going. For more, check out this course on the basics of Arabic.

  • What’s your name? (female) – Ma esmouki? – ما إسمك؟
  • What’s your name?  (male) – Ma esmouk? – ما إسمك؟
  • My name is… – Esmee – إسمي…
  • Where are you from? (female) – Men ayna anti – من أين أنت؟
  • Where are you from? (male) – Men ayna anta – من أين أنت؟
  • I’m from… – Ana men… – أنا من…
  • Where do you live? (female) – Ayna taskuneen? – أين تسكن؟
  • Where do you live? (male) – Ayna taskun? – أين تسكنين؟
  • I live in the United States/France – A’eesho fel welayat almotaheda / faransa – أعيش في الولايات المتحدة / فرنسا
  • What do you do for a living? (female) – Ma mehnatuki? –  ما مهنتك؟
  • What do you do for a living? (male) – Ma mehnatuk? –  ما مهنتك؟
  • I work as a… – A’mal ka – أعمل …
  • How old are you? (female) – Kam howa umroki? – كم هو عمرك؟
  • How old are you? (male) – Kam howa umruk? – كم هو عمرك؟
  • I’m (twenty) years old – Umri eshreen sanah – عمري (عشرين) سنة
  • It’s nice to meet you (female) – Motasharefatun bema’refatek – متشرفة بمعرفتك
  • It’s nice to meet you (male) – Motasharefon bema’refatek – متشرف بمعرفتك
  • Do you speak Arabic? – Hal tatakallam al-lughah al-‘arabīyah? – هل تتكلم اللغة العربية؟
  • Slightly/Some – Qaleelan – قليلا

Good Wishes

There are certain phrases you might tell someone on special days like their birthday, or other holidays. Learn how to say them below.

  • Happy birthday – Eid meelad sa’eed – عيد ميلاد سعيد
  • Happy New Year – Sana sa’eedah – سنة سعيدة
  • Merry Christmas – A’yaad meelad Saeedah – أعياد ميلاد سعيد
  • Happy Ramadan – Ramadan mobarak – رمضان مبارك
  • Happy Eid – Eid mobarak – عيد مبارك
  • Good luck – Bettawfeeq – بالتوفيق
  • Bless you – Rahimaka Allah – رحمك الله
  • Good night, sweet dreams – Laila sa’eda wa ahlaam ladida – ليلة سعيدة و أحلام لذيذة

Travel Phrases

Maybe you only want to learn enough Arabic to get you by during your travels. If you’re going through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, or any number of the Arabic-speaking countries, knowing how to ask people the way around is really important.

If you’re going to be traveling a lot, check out this course on awesome travel tips and tricks, including how to go around the world saving the most amount of money. If you’d like at least a bit more Arabic up your sleeve before you start to travel, check out this advanced Arabic language course. You can also check out this introductory Arabic language guide for additional help.

  • I’m lost! – Ada’tu tareeqi! – أضعت طريقي!
  • Can you help me? – Hal beemkanek mosa’adati? – هل بإمكانك مساعدتي؟
  • Excuse me (passing by) – Alma’derah – المعذرة
  • Where is the bathroom? – Ayna ajedu al merhaad? – أين أجد المرحاض؟
  • Where is the pharmacy? – Ayna ajedu assaidaliah? –  أين أجد الصيدلية؟
  • What is this? – Ma hatha? –  ما هذا؟
  • How much is this? – Kam howa thamanoh? –  كم هو ثمنه؟
  • Can you speak slowly? – Takalam bebot’ men fadlek (male) /fadleki (female)? –  تكلم ببطء من فضلك
  • Can you say it again? – A’ed men fadlek! (male) A’eedi men fadleki (female) – تكلم ببطء من فضلك
  • I don’t understand – La afham – لا أفهم
  • I don’t know – La a’ref – لآ أعرف
  • I’m sorry (didn’t hear something) – ‘Afwan – عفوا
  • My Arabic is bad – Lughati al arabic laisat kama yajib –  لغتي العربية ليست كما يجب

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