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communication skills in the workplacePowerPoint is still one of the top presentation applications for creating and delivering powerful presentations within the workplace. Office 2013 also add the advantage of SkyDrive, or OneDrive, so that managers and users can now share their presentations online and present their PowerPoint presentations to groups using the “Share” option that allows you to share your presentation, allow others to watch the presentation or even work collaboratively on presentations. For a great introduction to PowerPoint, enroll in the PowerPoint 2013 course now. This course offers over 81 lessons and 6 hours of video content designed to help you become familiar with PowerPoint and to learn to master the application. The course will teach you how to choose a template, build a slide, insert new slides and move without a mouse. You will learn to change layouts, how to work in the different views, and how to save, share and print your presentations. You will learn how to draw shapes, picture and transitions and how to add animation to your PowerPoint presentations.

Animations in PowerPoint are really easy due to the built-in functions offered by PowerPoint. This tutorial will show you how to add various different animations, how to set the timing of the animations and how to animate different elements in your PowerPoint presentations.

Create a Blank Presentation and Create a New Slide

We will create a blank presentation and add a single slide to illustrate how to add animations to your presentation. To create a new presentation, select “new” and then select “blank presentation” from the menu in PowerPoint 2013:


Type in the “PowerPoint Animations” in the title section. Type “How to Animate in PowerPoint” in the subtitle section. Move these sections to the top of the page to make room for other animation effects.

Animation effects can be found under the animation tab on the PowerPoint 2013 ribbon. Effects are divided into entrance effects, emphasis effects, exit effects and motion path effects.

How to Add Entrance Animation Effects in PowerPoint

Entrance effects are animations that make an element in PowerPoint appear. These effects include various effects like fly-in, float in, wipe, grow and turn, shape, wheel and many more. When you click on an effect, you will see a preview of the effect. We will add a “grow and turn” effect to the title so that the title appears by growing and turning at the same time. To add the animation effect, click on the title element and then select “Grow and Turn” from the animation menu. Click the animation panel to see the effect in the animation panel. The animation panel allows you to modify the timing and other elements of the effect.


Click on the down arrow in animation in the panel next to the animation to change the timing and effect of the animation.

To change the animation from the entire title to word by word or letter by letter animation, click on the animate text section under the effect.


To animate the title as separate words, select “by word” and the title will now animate by the words within the title.


To change the length and delay of the animation, select the timing tab:


We will change the animation to slow and we will add a one second delay to the animation.


To learn more about animation effects in PowerPoint, go through step-by-step animation techniques in Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 now. This course includes 57 lessons and over 13 hours of video lectures to teach you the basics of PowerPoint 2013. It will teach you to work with various backgrounds and templates. You will learn to add images, audio and video to your presentations. You will learn to use the trust center and how to set up data protection. The course will teach you how to create web presentations, and how to share your work via email and SkyDrive. The course also includes various lessons on adding animation effects to your PowerPoint presentations.

Add Enhancement Animations to your Presentation

Enhancement effects allow elements to draw attention to the element that is being animated. Let us add an enhancement effect to the title. Click on the title element and then select “add animation” from the animations menu:


Select the “Pulse” animation from the enhancement menu. Select the animation in the animation panel and select the timing selection. Change the animation to start after previous, add a one second delay and select 4 under repeat to allow the animation to pulse four times. Click okay.


Get your PowerPoint Certification with the PowerPoint 2013: Office Certification Series. You will learn the PowerPoint Do’s and Don’ts and you will practice and master PowerPoint skills to ensure you have sufficient knowledge and skill to pass the PowerPoint 2013 exam.

Add Exit Effects and Exit Animations for PowerPoint

Exit effects are designed to animate objects that are on your presentation to exit the presentation effectively. There are a number of built-in exit effects that allow for stunning exits for your presentation elements. We will add a disappear effect to our title element to add to the animation of our example presentation.

To add an exit effect to your presentation, select the element you want to animate and then select “Add animation” from the animations ribbon. Select the “disappear effect.”


Once the animation has been added, right click the animation in the animation panel and select “timing.” Set the start to after previous and set the delay to one second and press enter.


We have now added an entrance, enhancement and exit animation effect to our presentation. Bring your presentations to life with the comprehensive list of built in PowerPoint functions today.


Enroll in the Eye-catching presentations using PowerPoint 2013 course, and learn to improve your presentation skills to effectively create eye-catching presentations in PowerPoint. This course offers over 17 lectures and two hours of video tutorials and lessons designed to teach you to get the most out of your PowerPoint application. You will learn how to create effective presentations by gathering and refining information. You will learn how to make beautiful slides by adding graphics, images, animations and videos to your presentation. You will learn how to design unique themes for your business and you will learn how to use different views so that your presentations are always engaging and professional.

Page Last Updated: June 2014

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