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interactive presentationDo you have a presentation you need to prepare? Choosing the right software for your presentations can mean the difference between a great presentation and a boring thirty minutes for your audience. But with all of the software available for presentations, how do you know which application will suit your presentation best? This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of two of the top animated presentation software applications. Ultimately the software you choose will depend on your presentation needs.

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Let’s take a look at two applications you can use to create awesome presentations:

1.       PowerPoint

2.       Prezi

PowerPoint for Animated Presentations

Although not free, most organizations have purchased a copy of MS Office and MS Office includes a copy of PowerPoint. PowerPoint has been the leader of presentation software for decades and it continues to lead the pack in terms of availability and ease of use.

The latest release of PowerPoint offers the benefits of cloud storage so presentations can now be presented online. Before SkyDrive and online presentations, PowerPoint lost out to applications like Prezi, but with the release of the new version, PowerPoint is, in my opinion, once again top of the pile as far as business presentations are concerned.

PowerPoint has tons of features that make it the best presentation software to use. The built-in transitions and animations make creating an engaging presentation really simple. And the software allows you to save your presentations as notes or PDF’s, so creating documentation to hand out at your presentation is as easy as the click of a button.

With the image, video and audio capabilities, adding stunning elements to your PowerPoint presentations is also really simple. The added effects allow you to really amp up the style of your presentations easily and quickly.

PowerPoint also allows you to save the presentation as a video, to create handouts, save as a PDF or/and package the presentation as a CD so the options with regards to distribution of your presentation is made easy using the new PowerPoint 2013.

The disadvantage to PowerPoint is its linear structure. If you are looking for a way to present a story that does not rely on a linear storyline, then PowerPoint is not the application of choice.

If you would like to learn to harness the power of PowerPoint 2013, Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and join over 27 thousand students who are learning to create stunning presentations using PowerPoint. This course offers over 57 lectures and 13 hours of content guaranteed to turn any beginner into a PowerPoint master. The course will teach you how to create stunning presentations using backgrounds and templates. You will learn how to add images, audio and video to your presentations. You will learn how to present your presentations on the web and how to collaborate with others on a presentation. The course also includes bonus practice files to make sure you become a PowerPoint master.

Prezi Animated Presentation Software

Prezi has become more and more popular with organizations and managers as a way to create and distribute presentations. Prezi has an open source option, so you can download and use Prezi for free or you can prepare your presentations online for free. Paid versions include various effects and support, but the free version is capable of creating stunning online presentations as well.

Prezi creates unique presentations that you can make available online twenty four hours a day. This means that presentations can be seen on demand by potential clients. Prezi is simple to use but in my opinion, it lacks the power of PowerPoint. It does however offer two advantages over PowerPoint in that it is free and your presentations are not limited to a linear timeline approach.

With Prezi you can zoom in and out of specific areas of your presentations allowing you to create an overview of your topic and then zooming into different aspects. This zooming back and forth between the main topic and presentation can help to emphasize the presentation topic. It also allows you to create presentations that show the actual relationships between various aspects of the presentation.

Collaboration with Prezi is easy and you can share your presentation with 10 audience members at a time.

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Start Creating Awesome Presentations Today

Irrespective of whether you use PowerPoint or Prezi, presentations are a superb way of reaching, entertaining and converting your audience.

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Page Last Updated: June 2014

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