What does the technical landscape of the workplace look like in 2022 and beyond? More companies are implementing cloud computing solutions. And as they do, technical teams unlock new productivity and speed to market capabilities. 

The skills required for technical roles are no longer exclusive to the job titles they’re traditionally associated with. As companies incorporate some cloud solutions into their infrastructure, most tech employees will require some familiarity with cloud computing technologies. Similarly, DevOps processes for product development offer tech teams greater productivity and are a key factor for the overlap in skills required for roles like developers, cybersecurity specialists, or information architects. 

To keep their teams agile, tech leaders should consider how these skills align with their organization’s business priorities. Below is a look at the technical skills and topics that saw the most growth on Udemy Business in the last year. How can you make learning plans to help employees develop the in-demand skills outlined in this article?

Cloud computing

Many technical workers need to be familiar with cloud computing tools and processes. Cloud computing knowledge helps cross-functional technical teams work efficiently and within an agile process that ships products quickly from cybersecurity specialists to data scientists. 

Top 5 surging cloud computing skills for 2022

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With cybercrime becoming ever-more sophisticated and widespread — and cybersecurity class-action lawsuits and settlements in the hundreds of millions of dollars — companies can quite literally not afford to ignore the security of their IT networks. Cybersecurity and corporate infrastructure are especially critical concerns as employees working away from their office networks or on personal devices increase the risk of hackers infiltrating a seemingly secure system.

Top 5 surging cybersecurity skills for 2022

Data science

With the democratization of data across organizations, which we spoke of last year, data science teams are increasingly working with cross-functional technical teams on complex data initiatives. Data teams are evolving to build the data architecture for customer products and internal systems that use machine learning capabilities and AI-powered analytics. 

Top 5 surging data science skills for 2022

IT operations

The IT teams of four years ago have few similarities to the IT teams of 2022 and beyond. As Jason Johnson, CIO of music goods provider Sweetwater, finds: “We used to think of software development as a primary skill, and it still is; however, it’s rapidly becoming the basis for all IT jobs… All of these skill sets require modern IT engineers to think and be software developers.” Add the operations skills seen here and the growing development skills in the next section to your IT team’s learning plans for the year ahead.

Top 5 surging IT operations skills for 2022

Software development

Coding experience is a required skill in tech functions regardless of the job description. It’s a trend helping teams bring products to market faster. “Almost 60% of developers are releasing code 2x faster than before, thanks to DevOps,” according to GitLab’s 2021 report, A Maturing DevSecOps Landscape. “In a trend that we saw starting in 2020, developer roles continue to shift, taking on more responsibility for what were traditionally ops roles.”

Top 5 surging software development skills for 2022

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