social media job descriptionIf you want to become a social media manager or social media marketer, you are in luck. It is one of the fastest growing jobs on the market. Posting to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can all be fun ways to share your life story. However, doing these things professionally require a more advanced set of skills. Not to mention, you have to post on the behalf of someone else. As a result, you will not be able to just post anything that comes to mind. Learning more about the social media job description and what it takes to become a social media manager is the first step.

On the other hand, working within the social media environment can be very rewarding. You get to help propel a company towards achieving its branding goals in addition to interacting with diverse personalities all day long. You help to craft marketing messages that might affect the lives of others and make a positive impact, as well. So, there is a reason why social media marketing is so popular. If you are interested in a position like this, you should check out Udemy course, Social Media Marketing for Businesses.

Social Media Savvy

Beyond having a basic knowledge of social media, companies are looking for expertise. Anyone can tweet, but do you know how to gain a particular number of followers each day? Moreover, are you able to provide verifiable results? A social media manager is a marketer so, you must have marketing skills, as well.

Although it goes beyond marketing because you are also required to have some technical skills too. It is imperative to understand how to best utilize every social site to your employer’s advantage. Not to mention, you should know your target audience and how to share items relevant to their interests.


Writing is a crucial part of social media management. You are a communicator, and you must have effective communication skills. Content marketing is one of the most crucial methods for keeping clients engaged. Furthermore, it is a lot more natural than advertising. In addition, when done well, it provides valuable information that clients want. You should have a keen understanding of blogging best practices as well as a list of topics that are relevant to your company and your audience.

Stay Curious

Your job is to share news about your company in the most positive way. So, you will need to find sources for your news. One way to acquire information is by being naturally curious. Make friends in various departments. Ask them questions about how they work, where they work, what drives them and so on. Find out what your company’s employees are working on and how that impacts their clients. Your employer will give you data to display, but it would help them if you also did some of the fact finding on your own.

Have a Sense of Urgency

Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing and so is the social media job description. Since social media operates in real time, you need to have a sense of urgency. To illustrate, if you were curating a press release, you could spend some time ensuring it has all of the information needed. In addition, the release is not limited in word count. Yet, with social media, you need to respond right away to questions posted on your Twitter or Facebook page. Otherwise, clients might start to consider you a robot. Of course, all of this needs to be done with the company’s guidelines.

Be Conversational

Part of social media is the opportunity for engagement and interaction. If you were hired to market at a networking event, you would not get very far if you sat at a table all day without talking to anyone. The same goes for social media platforms. Consumers want to be engaged. They want to feel there is someone at the other end of the line. If your messages sound too much like advertising, it could come across as spam, which is a turn off for most people. You should practice writing conversationally so that you can start opening dialogue.

Get Creative

Companies want to hire individuals who can determine new ways for expanding their customer base. There is a term used often called growth hacking. This is used to describe people who go beyond traditional marketing and use engineering techniques to figure out a client’s mindset, and how to increase sales through new outlets. For example, when AirBnB first started, their online marketing team figured out how to cross post on Craigslist in order to inherently multiply the traffic arriving on their site. So, you should be willing to experiment and try new things.

Understand Your Company’s Goals

Part of being successful in social media management is having a deep comprehension of where your company wants to go. It helps to have an objective from the beginning. All of your content, from the blog, Facebook page to the Twitter profile and YouTube channel, has to support the company’s aims. This may require an editorial calendar filled with posts set up for the next 30 or 60 days. When you prepare them ahead of schedule, you have time to make edits where needed. You also have a larger purview of whether or not they align with company strategy.

Value Privacy

A social media manager is well-versed is what you can and cannot share. Not every bit of information is meant to be conveyed with the world. You have to have an awareness of items that can never be revealed and have a respect for privacy. Certain things such as regulatory issues, hiring practices, or individual vendors are not usually meant for public knowledge. When in doubt, the best adage to practice is less is more. Having intimate knowledge of the company will give you more confidence on how to gauge what should be kept private.

Social media marketing is becoming the main avenue for business marketing. So, employment in the field will continue to rise. Become even more thorough by mastering Social Media Marketing: Analytics and User Engagement. Get certified by enrolling in  Social Media Marketing and Management. Also, if you want some celebrity help, check out this blog: How to Get Ashton Kutcher to Tweet About You.

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