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pmp online trainingProject managers have become an integral part of organizational success. Obtaining the prestigious PMP certification can fast track your career in terms of career prospects and success. Knowledge of project management principles and ideas can help you ensure the profitability and success of your organization. However, taking time off to study for this certification is often out of the question. For those who cannot take time off work, PMP online training offers a viable alternative to allow you to obtain this certification without leaving your day job. In fact, your job may be a source of experience and practice while you study.

If you are interested in starting your PMP training online, then take a look at the Project Management Professional (PMP)® course now.

This course takes you through the steps of what is required to apply for the PMP certification, how the submission process works and how to apply to become a certified PMP professional. It covers the payment and audit process used by PMI for certification. The course will also prepare you for the PMP exams. The course covers all ten knowledge areas covered by the PMP exam and the course offers quizzes based on each chapter of the course, to ensure you have extensive practice on each concept involved in the exam.

About the PMP Certification

The PMP certification is a credential offered by the Professional Management Institute. According to various sources, there are currently over half a million professionals who have obtained this certification in over 193 countries worldwide. The prestigious certification has consistently been named as one of the top ten certifications for business and management.

To qualify for the certification, candidates must be in possession of a valid high school diploma or an associate degree and candidates must also have at least 60 months of project management experience. A candidate with the relevant bachelor’s degree, must have at least three years or thirty six months of valid project management experience. Validation of all necessary credentials are done via an online process through the Project Management Institute.

Candidates who qualify for certification must also write the PMP exam. The exam is based on the project management framework as illustrated in the PMBOK guide or Project Management Body of Knowledge. The project management framework is based on the concepts embodied in the project life cycle. This life cycle can be divided into project initiation, project planning and execution, project monitoring and controlling, and closing a project.

The exam covers the ten project management knowledge areas including project integration management, scope management, cost management, project quality management, human resources, communications management, project risk management, procurement and stakeholder management.

what does a project manager doIf you are interested in studying for your PMP certification online, check out the Project Management Professional PMP® Certification Training course now, and join over eight hundred students who are benefiting from this PMP online training. This course is designed to help you learn the PMBOK 5 to pass the PMP or CAPM exams. The course offers 77 lectures that will teach you everything you need to know to pass your exams. The course has been designed as an interesting and fun approach to learning project management and unlike other courses, does not use boring “talking-heads” or static slides to teach the required information. The course will teach you all the processes and process groups, as well as the knowledge areas contained in the exams and will help you master the concepts necessary to achieve the certification.

Why PMP Online Training is Beneficial

There are a number of benefits to studying for your PMP certification online.

·         Gain experience while you learn

·         Study at your own pace

·         Learn techniques you can apply in your own environment

·         Be part of an online community all focused on the same goal

Since the credential requires a number of years’ practical experience as a project manager, you can study online while you gain the experience necessary to qualify for this particular certification. Project management skills like communication, project time management and cost management are all general skills that you can use in almost any position. Applying your project management skills and knowledge in your work environment not only benefits you, but will benefit the company you work for as well. Who knows, applying these skills may even put you in line for a promotion whilst you are working towards your certification.

Another benefit of studying online is that you can study at your own pace and set up schedules that suit your own schedules and demands. The key to successful completion of any online course however, is to be disciplined and to create a timeline and goals that suits your overall ambitions, as well as being realistic in terms of the time you have available to study.

Most online courses offer a forum or community for students to communicate with one another. There are huge benefits to being part of an online community of people who are all studying and preparing for the same certification. Most online courses also offer easy access to lecturers who are teaching the course. Being able to brainstorm with other students and being able to contact the teacher or lecturer, if you need clarification on a particular aspect of the course, can be hugely beneficial for your studies.

If you are interested in pursuing a PMP certification via PMP online training, enroll in the PMP – PMP Exam Prep Training course now and join over three hundred students who are all preparing to take, or who have taken, the PMP exam. This course will help you gain an understanding of project management best practices. The course offers over 17 lectures that will teach you all of the processes, process groups, and knowledge areas covered by the PMBOK. You will learn about the Management Matrix as defined in the 5th edition of the guide. You will learn to identify and define roles of a project manager, project sponsor and other key individuals involved in the project management process. The course will show you how to implement project management processes and you will learn how to implement project phases, project life cycles and projects in general. By the end of the course, this training will place you in a position to pass your PMP with flying colors.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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