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make a cartoon of yourselfFeeling funny today?  There are plenty of ways that you can make yourself into a cartoon, both by hand and online.  If you feel like some googly eyes or exaggerated facial features are in your future, check out these two simple ways that you can make a cartoon of yourself.

Method 1:  Making A Cartoon of Yourself by Hand

  1. To draw yourself as a cartoon, you a first going to need a general picture or idea of how you would look as a cartoon.  A fun and easy place to start generating some mental images for yourself is online at WeeWorld.com.  At WeeWorld.com you can see yourself as a cartoon.  Recreate the cartoon image of yourself on a sheet of paper.  To do this: use a simple black outline, add in your facial features, incorporate your specific clothes and hairstyle choice, and then use colors such as pencils crayons, or paintbrushes to color in your image.
  2. Now, turn your piece of paper over and draw yourself again as a cartoon.  However, this time, change around your facial features.  For instance, you can make your eyes bigger, work in some crazy hair, or exaggerate some of the features you already have.  Do this by changing around the size and shape of your features.  Then, give your image some color.
  3. Take the two drawings that you made and compare them.  Are there any differences that you notice?  Can you tell that one is an imitation that you were copying from the computer, and the other is the image that you have in your mind of yourself.
  4. Now that you have an idea of what a cartoon can look like, take out another piece of paper and start writing down ideas for the final draft of the cartoon of yourself.  You might want your cartoon to tell a story, or you might want to draw a cartoon of yourself as a baby.
  5. Start drawing the cartoon character of yourself that you are imagining.  You can use a sharpie to make your outline more defined, but make sure that you use a pencil first in case you need to erase.  Once you have your picture, color it in with crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, or even paint.
  6. Take another piece of paper and start writing down an idea for a cartoon series where you are the main character.  Make it into a story with a plot and incorporate other characters too.
  7. Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it into fourths and draw your main character using only pencil.
  8. After your main character is complete, draw in the other characters that you want to incorporate into your comic using just pencil as well.
  9. Once you have all the characters settled on paper, you can add in the background images and details to your comic, such as trees, animals, or furniture.
  10. After all your drawings are done, go back and add in the detail and color to your cartoon.  You can start by outlining your pencil with black sharpie, or you can choose to just color using a colored pencil.
  11. Now, go ahead and add any dialogue or action to your cartoon.
  12. You have now completed a cartoon of yourself.  Learn more secrets to drawing here!

Method 2:  Make A Cartoon of Yourself Online

If you are interested in making yourself into a cartoon that you can use online, use MyWebFace.com to make yourself into a cartoon.

  1. First, make sure that you have access to a mirror that can show you your full face and place it on your desk near your computer or laptop so that you can look at yourself while on your computer.
  2. Go to MyWebFace.com and download the free program so create your webface or cartoon of your own face.
  3. Once you have installed MyWebFace, select the features that most resemble your own.  The WebFace progam will help you create a cartoon that looks similar to yourself.  However, you can choose to download other software that will help you tweak the final product.
  4. You will see a series of different face shapes and colors.  Select the face shape and color that most closely matches your own.  It may be best to consult your mirror to find a good match from the selection that the website provides.
  5. Now, go through all of the other features that are available on the list.  You will be asked to choose your: eyes, nose, lips, ears, and hair.  Once you are done with these smaller features, you will need to select a body shape that resembles your own.  Finally, you will be able to add on other accessories to the cartoon of yourself, as well as a speech bubble, etc if you so choose.
  6. At this point, you should have the perfect cartoon character that matches you.  As we mentioned before, you can always chose to download a free software program, such as Pixie Pixie, that will help you teak and spruce up your cartoon image.

Tips for Drawing Cartoon Faces

how to draw cartoons for kidsFor any help onto how to draw the perfect cartoon face for yourself, follow these tips:

Cartoon Yourself!

With these tips on how to make a cartoon of yourself, you will be able to create any character with the techniques presented.  Remember, to create a more original and fun cartoon of yourself, try to enlarge or stretch certain features to keep things looking exaggerated.  For a beginner’s guide on how to draw cute cartoon characters, enroll in this course here to draw cartoons from scratch.

Page Last Updated: June 2014

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