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Html Web CodeAre you planning to unlock the real functionality of jQuery code to make your online presence better?

If yes, there are few things you need to know about JavaScript before switching to jQuery and its other usage in terms of jQuery split.

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How to Use JQuery?

JQuery is available in a JavaScript file containing everything to perform different web functions. The following code is how you add a jQuery library file to your web page:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jQuery-min.js”></script>

This type of markup is used under the tag of <head></head> within your web pages. However, it can be used in coding script wherever you want.

jQuery Split

JQuery’s library contains the function split() that is utilized to separate a string into an array. One main parameter you need to pass is the separator. The separator can be a hyphen, comma or a space.

Split (”): when you pass an empty string into the split method, it will then split every character in an array.

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JQuery Split Syntax

There are different situations where you need to split a string within JavaScript such as if you want to loop each element passed in a string array as well. For a more comprehensive understanding of how jQuery split works, here are some basics.

The following is an example of jQuery split syntax:

String.split(‘’],[limit]); (it will return empty string as explained above)

String. split (,], [limit]); (It will return a comma into the string where required)

String.split(-],[limit]); (it will return hyphen into string where required)

String.split(‘ ‘],[limit]); (it will return blank space by splitting words into an array)

As a result, the split method is passed to split characters into a substring array and passed to a new array. So, the basic syntax is like this:  string.split(separator, limit)

It uses two parameters named as limit and separator. Let’s talk about it.

1. Separator – as mentioned above, it is used to denote where you want to separate the string. It is optional. If you omit the separator, it will return the entire string.

2. Limit – this is also optional, but it will return an integer type value that tells about the number of “splits” to be made.

Here are some examples of jQuery split:

Example One:

var element = ‘Rocks!!’;

var arrayOfStrings = element.split();

If you notice the above example, no separator is used. Therefore, the code returns arrayOfStrings variable.

Example Two:

var element = ‘Rocks star boy!!’;

var arrayOfStrings = element.split(” “);

In this example, you pass ‘space’ as a separator or delimiter to split a character or a string. So, arrayOfString will return three items.

arrayOfStrings[0] = “Rocks”

arrayOfStrings[1] = “star”

arrayOfStrings[2] = “boy”

Example Three:

var element = ‘ Rocks star boy!!’;

var arrayOfStrings = element.split(” “,2);

In this above mentioned example, you pass a space as a separator or delimited to split the given string and also limit it as 2. Consequently, arrayOfString will return 2 items

arrayOfStrings[0] = “Rocks”

arrayOfStrings[1] = “star”

JavaScript VS JQuery

Since JavaScript’s introduction, it is the most expressive and powerful scripting language that works inside of web browsers in conjunction with CSS and HTML. It has become one of the most demanding programming languages on the Internet. All jQuery rules are linked by JavaScript. You must learn the basic fundaments of JavaScript to go a long way in knowing the structure of your code.

JQuery, in general terms, is not a programming language; it is a well written library based on JavaScript. As it is mentioned in the official web, “it is a concise and fast library of JavaScript that explains HTML using event handling, document traversing, Ajax interactions as well as animation for quick web development.”  You can say that it is a ‘write less and do more’ library containing lightweight syntax for different functions on the web page.

The basic purpose of this code is to make the usage of JavaScript more precisely and easily on your web pages. There are many common tasks in jQuery that require long syntax using JavaScript to wrap into different methods that can be called with one line of code. It also helps a programmer with many complicated tasks found in JavaScript such as DOM manipulation and AJAX calls. It includes many features such as CSS manipulation, animation and effects, utilities, and event handling in HTML. For this reason, jQuery is the most extendable and popular script for many companies such as Microsoft, Netflix, IBM and Google.

Why jQuery?

It is a simple, well written and compact code in JavaScript that enhances the developer productivity by helping them to achieve different UI functionality where they need to develop a few lines of code.  It also increases the application performance. It brings compatibility of web pages to all browsers. In addition, in many apps developments, it is used to implement critical UI functions without writing hundreds of lines of code. In short, it is a fast, easy to use, extensible code to implement a customized approach in web programming.

Other advantages

If you want to learn jQuery, you do not need to know about its new syntax. Having knowledge about the syntax of JavaScript is enough to develop a dynamic website.You can download a jQuery file from the official website www.jquery.com.


Hopefully, these examples will give you an idea about using jQuery split. If you want to learn more about query, you can take a course at Udemy.com to learn more.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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