It’s no secret within leadership teams that employee engagement is dropping, bringing with it cascading effects on employee productivity and retention, as well as overall company performance. Company culture is an important part of driving employee engagement, but it’s only one lever leaders have to motivate their workforce. In a time of disengagement, leaders can help motivate themselves and their employees by leading from their own purpose and clearly identifying the organization’s purpose.  

One of an executive’s most important roles, according to Harvard Business Review, is as “a steward of the organization’s purpose.” While a leader’s strategic vision might adapt as needed to a company’s goals, an organizational purpose is a map that leaders use to navigate uncertainty and engage employees. 

Critical to developing an organizational purpose is for leaders to identify and embrace their own professional purpose. But as research published in Harvard Business Review found, fewer than 20% of leaders have a strong sense of their individual purpose. How a leader talks about their purpose — and their company’s purpose — might vary based on context, but at its core, purpose is a recognizable principle with the power to transform an organization and motivate a global workforce.  

To better understand the transformative power of purpose, Professor Bob Quinn joins Leading Up with Udemy podcast host Alan Todd to discuss how purpose drives authentic leadership. For 40 years, Professor Quinn’s research and teaching have led the way for how people think about positive and purpose-driven leadership. He’s a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and a co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations. He’s written 18 books, including Deep Change, The Positive Organization, and more recently, The Economics of Higher Purpose. Professor Quinn dives further into leadership in the Udemy Business cohort course, Becoming A Purpose-Driven Organization, where groups will learn and apply 8 counterintuitive research-based insights associated with creating a purpose-driven organization.

In this episode, you will learn:

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