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GTA V Stock tipsGTA V is a revolution in gaming, with a 30 hour storyline and a host of other activities that you can do in the in game world of Los Santos. Money is needed to complete the game at 100% as you buy cars and businesses, locations, and clothing options that are necessary. The problem is, once the storyline missions have been completed, it’s very difficult to get a large enough stockpile of cash to win the entire game. Cash can’t buy you happiness, but in GTA V it buys you everything else! If you are thinking about playing with the stock market in real life, it is best either to find someone knowledgeable in the field or take a course in Stock Growth before you start. A decent introductory course to stocks and options will really aid your venture. The stock market in GTA V is a great way to make money and much like in real life, there are multiple indexes and companies you can invest your ill-gained dollars in. The Liberty Stock Exchange (LSE) is the stock exchange that is manipulated by events that happen in the game and the BAWSAQ is manipulated by other players of the came, across the Internet.

Buying every building and toy in GTA V will cost a lot of money, but by applying common market strategies like technical analysis to the in game stock market, you too can make a lot of money to play with.

Just as in the real world, GTA V’s stock market fluctuates wildly depending on the events that are happening in the game. This means if you go around and blow up the products of one company, their rival companies stock prices will rise. Investing in a company after you ruin all of its merchandise means when the company eventually recovers and “rebounds”back to the initial stock price means you just made a lot of money! This happens in the real world too. Check out this course on investing for some examples of how you can harness the power of rebounding stocks.

This works especially well when it comes to cars. Figure out which companies cars you like the most and then go out and ruin their competitors’ offerings. Before you do so, invest heavily in the company who you are not destroying and go to town! Instant profit. We recommend that you don’t follow this plan in real life though, serious criminal charges will but a damper on any profits that you make.

The stock market in GTA V is somewhat similar to the real stock market. It’s not a complete model of the real life markets, as this would require infinite CPU power and the capability to alter things based on corruption and other incomputable happenings. Obviously, the stock market in GTA V is simply a little side quest as opposed to the main reason to play the game.

In addition to playing the stock market in a basic fashion, there are scripted events that happen throughout the game that occur when certain objectives are achieved. These scripted events end up effecting the stock market hugely, making it possible to score huge amounts of cash from them. There are numerous guides across the Internet about these particular events, which go into a lot more detail than we will in this article. The stock for certain companies changes at different points in the game and it also fluctuates by any amount every day. Keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities where the fictional companies may gain or lose money is a great plan and will allow you to make bank using the GTA V Stock market. In addition to the scripted events that happen whilst you are playing, you can also try using the other stock exchanges in the game. As these are player managed, you will often find forums and chat sites where people club together to make a difference to the market. The markets that are not the Liberty Stock Exchange are harder to manipulate but can pay off much more money in less time than from the Liberty Stock Exchange.

Near the end of the GTA V storyline is a ‘heist’ where you can make a huge sum of money to start your adventures on the stock exchange. The money earned from this mission ranges from $10,000,000 to $40,000,000 million, which will then allow you to find the scripted stock market changes and exploit them for maximum capital. Due to GTA V’s architecture, the most money you can possibly have is around 2.1billion dollars at any one time. Using your $40,000,000 to start playing with the stock market will get you up to the money cap in no time at all.

GTA V has radiant NPC encounters, which allow you to help or hinder various NPC’s across the city. One of these encounters, if you help the guy, allows you to get tips about the stock market, with guaranteed returns. This NPC will tell you about a company called Tinkle which has a scripted and guaranteed return of 30%. Not bad for saving a guy from having his bicycle stolen!

Whilst it is great fun to play with the stock market on GTA V, do not be fooled into thinking that just because you are adept at making money on GTA V you can do the same thing in real life. Real market analysts train for years and understand everything about the market before they make any investments. Even then, people end up in ruin because they thought they knew how the market was going to react. Taking a course in Financial Markets will help you if you are planning on trying to make money on playing the real stock market. We think that if you are interested in playing the real stock market, you should take this course on finance in particular.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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