shutterstock_98445446If you are thinking of buying a business or if you are in the process of selling your business, then you may want to invest some time and effort into finding the right business brokers to represent you and your needs. Business brokers possess a special set of skills and qualifications that enable them to aid you in attaining your goals in terms of buying or selling your business. A business broker has the tools to evaluate a business and the potential value of a business. There are a number of different financial models that can be used to value the organization. If you are interested in learning more about the different financial models available, enroll in the essential Financial Modeling Program now. This course will introduce you to the basic concepts involved in financial modeling and you will learn the art of constructing an integrated financial model from scratch. These skills are highly sought after and essential for sound decisions with regards to planning, investment, finance and valuation. This course will teach you to systematically analyze an organization from various standpoints to ensure that the valuation is objective and correct.

Choosing a broker – Skills a Business Broker Needs

As mentioned above, business brokers need to possess a number of skills to be successful in this lucrative industry. You can use these skill sets as a way to ensure your chosen business broker possess the skills necessary to negotiate the best deal for you.

Financial Accounting Skills

A business broker must possess sound accounting and financial skills to ensure that a business is valued properly and fairly for the advantage of both the buyer and the seller. It is the business broker’s job to ensure that the seller receives the best possible price for his business whilst ensuring that the buyer also receives the best organization for his investment.

For this reason most business brokers also possess some sort of accounting certification or degree. A business broker must be able to read the financial statements and records of the company to be able to fairly value the business. For a great introduction to financial accounting, sign up for the Accounting – Financial Accounting Part 1 course now. This course introduces students to accounting concepts using practical examples to ensure you understand the basic concepts. The course explains key accounting and financial concepts as well as the tools and techniques used in financial accounting. The course focuses on the interpretation of financial statements to help students understand the concepts necessary for sound business valuations.

Sales and Marketing Skills

Once the business broker has a determined a fair value for the business, then the broker must possess the marketing and sales skills necessary to find buyers for the business. Alternatively, a business broker who is working for a buyer must find businesses that are good value for the money the buyer has to invest. Uniting buyers and sellers is one of the main functions of a business broker. Due to the sensitive nature of selling a business, it is important that the broker uses his or her discretion in the marketing process.

Employees within a business may react adversely to the news that a business is for sale and this can affect the value or profitability of a business. Creditors or debtors may also react adversely to the fact that a business may be up for sale, so a broker needs to be able to find buyers for a business without upsetting the balance of the business.

If you are looking for some great information on how to achieve sales success, then check out the Eight Keys to Sales Success course now. This course offers 40 lessons that will show you how to develop your sales skills. You will learn to recognize the difference between old style sales skills and now sales skills and how they work. You will understand why intent is critical in sales. You will learn how to assess what customers want and how to identify your ideal customers. The course will teach you how to develop active listening skills and how to create solid customer relationships.

Negotiation Skills

Once you have identified potential buyers and sellers, it’s time to bring the parties together to negotiate the price of the business. Irrespective of valuation, most buyers and sellers tend to want to negotiate the deal before it’s concluded and a good business broker must therefore possess top quality negotiation skills to ensure that both the buyer and seller feel as though they got a good deal.

Although sales and negotiation skills are often seen as one and the same thing, negotiation techniques differ from sales and marketing skills in various ways. Sales is more about sourcing customers, whereas negotiation is focused on a “give a little, take a little” approach to keeping both parties happy.

For training on how to improve your negotiation skills, sign up for The Significant Negotiator – Negotiation Skills course and join thousands of students who are learning to harness the power of negotiation in their own lives. This course will teach you powerful negotiation tools and strategies to help you maximize potential outcomes, build long term relationships and gain confidence. You will learn how to break away from traditional negotiation methods that are no longer successful and how to implement new proven processes to consistently achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved. The course will also teach you how to structure the negotiation process and how to build long term partnerships and relationships. You will have the skills to approach any negotiation process with confidence and you will master strategies to help you resolve any potential conflict situations.

Legal Knowledge and Skills

Finally, a good business broker should possess knowledge of the legal aspects involved in the sale of a business. Although a lawyer will most likely be asked to structure the legal agreements, a business broker must still have a good basic knowledge of local and contractual law involved in the deal.

For a great introduction to contractual law, sign up for the Law of Contracts in 60 Minutes: A Fast Track Course here.


Rely on Your Broker to Get the Job Done

Whether you are buying or selling, leave the job to the experts. Finding the right business broker will allow you to take full advantage of professional skills to make sure you get what is rightfully yours in terms of the sale of your business or that you invest wisely in terms of buying a business.

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