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convert Word to HTMLIf you have a Microsoft Word document and you want to put it on the web then you need to convert that document to HTML in order to display it on a web page. There are several different ways to do this. The way you choose will depend on the effect you want in the end. If you want some advanced training, you can take an online class in learning HTML5 that will teach you a lot more than just how to put up a word document.

The Easy Way to Convert Word to HTML

The easiest way to convert your Word document to HTML is to use Microsoft Word to do it. Open up your document in Microsoft Word then go to the top of the page and choose File, then Save As. When the Save As window opens up, put in the name you want for your file in the File Name slot. Next, click on Save as Type and a drop down menu will display. Select Web Page and click Save.

The problem with using Word to save a doc as a web page is that so many things are going to be skipped in the process. For example, when it is saved then all the tabs, headers, footers and margins will all be missing from the HTML file. Also, if there are any photos then they will be separated and saved in another file. In order to convert to HTML by saving in Microsoft Word, it needs to be a relatively simple Word doc in order for it to look right in the end.

Use an Online Converter

If there is a lot of text formatting and using Microsoft Word isn’t saving it exactly the way that you want it, you might want to use a free online Word to HTML Converter. These online converters will take your Word doc and turn it into HTML code. Then you can just paste the code onto a blank web page and upload it. Here are some free Microsoft Word to HTML converters online:

Use Your HTML Software to Convert Word Documents

With a lot of HTML writing software, you will have the option to convert your Microsoft Word document in the HTML writing software. Dreamweaver, the most popular HTML writing software, has a feature that will do this for you.

To use Dreamweaver to convert the Word doc into HTML, open up a new web page. Go to File>Import>Word Document and a pop up box will appear with some options. Select which options and select OK. Your document will then appear on the web page.

How to Use Notepad to Convert the Doc

If you know a little bit of HTML, you can convert your Microsoft Word document yourself. First copy your Word Doc, then open Notepad and paste it onto Notepad. This will strip all formatting out of your Word doc. Now you have only the text and you can build your HTML.

If you would like a main heading, then add <h1> to the beginning of the sentence and add </h1> to the end of the sentence. This will make everything that appears between <h1> and </h1> to be the largest heading font size.

<h1>Having Fun Converting a Word Doc to HTML</h1>  Will get you:

Having Fun Converting a Word Doc to HTML

If you would like your sentence to be a little smaller then you can use a higher number. A typical subheading would be <h2> and really small would be <h5>. Just remember to end the effect with a /. So to end <h3> you would put </h3>.

Writing the smaller heading with <h5> will give you:

<h5>Having Fun Converting a Word Doc to HTML</h5>

Having Fun Converting a Word Doc to HTML

To make text bold then put <b> to start this effect and </b> to end it. With HTML you always put <> around the command and you always make it stop by adding the /.

You can find these HTML codes online and use them to turn your Microsoft Word document into an HTML file. When you have all of your HTML coding done, save the notepad file as the name-of-your-file.html or end it .htm, whichever you are working with.

Use GoogleDocs to Convert to HTML

GoogleDocs, now called Google Drive, will also do this for you. This is the way a lot of journalists convert their word docs to HTML for publishing on the web.

First, click the red “CREATE” button and choose “Document.”  Copy your Microsoft Word document and then paste it on your new GoogleDocs page. Next, click on File then select “Download as.”  Some options will pop up and you select “web page.”  It will immediately download your file as a zip file.

Converting Docs to HTML

There are a lot of ways to convert your Microsoft Word documents to HTML for the web. You can use the free online tools to do it, strip the doc and do the HTML yourself, use Dreamweaver or Google Drive to get the job done. If you want to learn more about building websites with HTML and writing a website from scratch then you should take some online classes to get started. HTML is really fairly easy once you get the hang of it and taking online classes is the inexpensive way to go.

Page Last Updated: April 2014

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