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Convert PDF to HTMLThere are several ways you can convert files that are PDF to HTML code. After you convert the file you can save them in a web page file and then upload it to your website. Without converting the file to HTML you are left with either having to rebuild that PDF file by writing code in HTML or by putting a link to the PDF file on your web page. If you use a link, the person clicks the link and it brings up the PDF file. A link to the PDF is okay if you can do it that way, but it looks a lot nicer if you can just convert that file to HTML. If you want to learn more about working with PDF files besides converting them to HTML, there is a great class on making interactive PDF files that you can take online.

Online PDF to HTML Converters

There are a lot of PDF to HTML converters that are online and free to use. Sometimes with online converters you get what you pay for, so don’t have high expectations when using them. If you have a simple PDF file and a good converter then all should go well.

ZamZar is a converter website that allows you to convert many types of files to different formats. They have a section for converting PDF files into HTML that you can use on their website. You have the choice of uploading your PDF file or entering in the url of your PDF file. Once you tell the software where to find your PDF then select HTML from the drop down menu, enter your email address and then convert your file. You will receive a zip file containing your HTML code and images via email.

InvestinTech has an online PDF to HTML converter that has you upload your PDF then allows you to preview it. Click to download the converted file. You do not have to give them your email address to use the service and they will also delete the file for you if you ask them to do that.

PDFtoHTML also has a free online converter tool that will turn your PDF files into HTML files. This website’s service does require you to give them your email address. They say they guarantee that they will not sell your data to any outside party.

Use Dreamweaver to Convert the PDF File

Using Dreamweaver is possible for converting PDF to HTML but only with an additional step. You will need to use Microsoft Word first to convert your PDF to a Microsoft Word Doc. Once that is done then you can use Dreamweaver to convert the Word doc into HTML. A lot can go wrong between the two conversions, though. If the online converter tools don’t work for you and you have Dreamweaver and Microsoft Word then it is worth a try to see if those programs can do it any better.

Download Free Software to Convert PDF to HTML

There is software that you can download to your computer called Free PDF to HTML to convert those files. It is always nice to have the software available on your own computer so you can use it whenever you need it. Also, when you have the actual software, it usually has a lot more features than you will get with a free online converter.

This Free PDF to HTML software has been downloaded 18,000 times and has an average review of almost 5 stars. It seems that people who use it prefer it to other methods.

Boxoft is another software package you can download to convert PDF to HTML, and it is freeware which means that there is no charge for the main software. You can download either a Windows version or a Mac version of the software.

FreePDFSolutions has software that you can download for free to try. They claim that their software is so easy to use that if you know nothing about HTML you can use it to get a PDF converted to use on a website. There is a screenshot of their software on their website and it does look very easy to use.

PDFRipper is a program that you download that allows you to do many things with your PDF files. You can convert it to HTML, RTF format or plain text. It looks like this software has been around for a while as it is on version 2.06 now.

Use Acrobat to Convert PDFs

Using Acrobat to convert their PDF file to HTML is not the preferred method, oddly enough. You would think that this would be the place to get the job done the best, however it is not. There are many problems with using Acrobat to convert your PDF files to HTML. The current version of Adobe Acrobat XI has improved the process but it still gives users a lot of grief with missing images and other formatting problems. You will have to use their Dreamweaver program to clean up the mess it makes. It is best to use an alternative solution and save yourself the trouble.

The Best Way to Convert PDF to HTML

There are various ways to get converting PDF to HTML code done, but it seems none of the methods are perfect. How good a job the software will do will depend on how complex your PDF file is, also. It looks like the downloadable software is the best bet to get the job done with most PDF files.

Become an Acrobat Expert

Aside from using software to convert PDF to HTML, there are affordable classes on using Acrobat, which is the software that creates PDF files. You can learn the new version of Acrobat XI by taking an online class for Acrobat XI. There are also online classes for making interactive PDF files which may help you a lot when trying to use them on the web.

Page Last Updated: April 2014

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