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american english pronunciation 2Whether you are a native English speaker, or studying English as a second language, there is always room to brush up on your English pronunciation.  Some speakers may find it a little difficult to conquer the correct American English pronunciation, especially if you have been trained in the distinctly different British English.  America is a very large country, and as a result, there are dozens of different dialects across many different areas.  This can lead to some confusion as to which way is the “right” way to pronounce certain words.

Regardless of regional accent, there are several key points to remember and practice when taking on the task of perfecting your American English pronunciation.  What I have assembled here is a list of some of the most important (and also most tricky) vowel and consonant sounds particular to the American accent.  Going over these rules, and practicing the sounds will help you sound more like a native speaker.  Let’s begin…

Vowel Sound Sets

Consonant Sounds

Stressing Syllables

When speaking English, the syllables follow a rhythm of soft beats.  A stressed syllable would be the parts of that rhythm which are emphasized to create the beat.  Syllables come in three forms – stressed, unstressed, and secondarily stressed.

English is sometimes referred to as a difficult language to learn, but don’t let that intimidate you.  There are always great courses available at Udemy.com to help you learn.  Check out “How to Speak Like an American” to get you started!

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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