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advantages of mediaThe mass media gets a bad reputation sometimes. It has been accused of being too liberal, being too conservative, misconstruing facts and information, so on and so forth. But for all the media bashing that has happened in our modern times, we have to realize that the media is actually a pretty great thing to have. Take for example, North Korea. The country controls what the people see on the media. This is completely different from what the media gives us in other parts of the world, especially in the United States. In the U.S., we have the First Amendment, which grants us the freedom of speech. This gives journalists the right to report on the facts, allowing the public to consume information.

In order to wade through the media and all it offers, you need to be a wise consumer. Get your stories from different media outlets and use your critical thinking skills, which you can sharpen with this course. That’s not to say to avoid the media. One of the great things about the media is that there is so much out there for us. This is just one of the many advantages of the media, which you will learn as you read on.

Advantages of the Media

The media is one of the most influential entities we have in this world, with good reason. We rely on the media to provide us with information. The mass media has many roles in our world, with providing news to us the most important role. You can learn more about the roles of mass media through this blog.

The 24-hour news-cycle has changed how we consume the news forever. We no longer have to wait for the morning or evening news to get caught up on current events. You can turn on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or one of the many other 24-hour news channels to get news. These channels provide tickers that scroll across the screen, which gives you quick, digestible information about the day’s news in addition to the topics being discussed on the program airing.

Whether you want to keep up with your community, state, country or world, the media is there to provide you all the information you need to know. By consuming media, you can be aware of what is going on in any parts of the world, especially the parts that affect your everyday life. You can keep up with what’s going on all over the world in a number of ways as well. If you want some quick news on the go, news organizations offer applications you can download on your phone. These applications give you breaking news notifications, so you can always be in the loop when it comes to the news-cycle. If you have a long commute driving or riding the bus, you can use radio to get your news. Stations like NPR are 24-hour talk radio stations that focus on lifestyle, news, current events and more. You can also download podcasts to listen to that also provide news to you.

By consuming many forms of media, you can better be able to form your own opinions on things. One great example is politics. By consuming a number of different opinions throughout the media, you can better know where you stand on the political spectrum. Doing this will help you to find more out about yourself. You may learn that you are for one thing, but against another, just by consuming a diverse amount of media. The important part is to always be searching for new kinds of media, that way you can get exposure to different thoughts and ideas in our world, which will make you a more well-rounded individual.

If you witness something that you think is newsworthy, you can call up the local or national media and pitch them a story. Many communities use the power of their local media to unveil problems going on and make changes in the community. This is why the media can be very important to communities. By bringing stories to light, accountability is put on people to maintain an exemplary community. If you are not sure how to contact the media, be it local or national, we offer a course that can teach you how to pitch stories that will get noticed. In it, you will learn how to pitch your stories and get on television, radio or in the paper.

You Can Be a Part of the Media

If journalism is a topic that interests you, perhaps you should lean more about it. The journalism career is one that is exciting and fast-paced, and best suited for people who want to work hard and always be learning. Journalism is not just reporting the news, however. You have to be a strong communicator, who can write concisely and be able to present the news clearly.

To sharpen your skills and/or learn these important skills of being a journalist, we offer a journalism masterclass course. In this course, you will learn core news-writing skills that some of the top journalists have and you will also learn how to tell an effective news story and know the difference between a news story and a fluff story.

Once you have obtained the skills you need to be a competent journalist, the next step is to find some jobs. Breaking into freelance writing is a tough thing to do, but if you are willing to work hard, you can do it and even become a successful freelancer. A good place to start is with this course, which can teach you how to become a freelance writer. Once you have all these skills, you will be able to be a part of the mass media’s advantages and make an impact on those around you.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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