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tagline examples“Don’t leave home without it.”

“Are you in good hands?”

“Just do it.”

Do any of these sound familiar?  They probably do, and that is because they are some of the most famous tagline examples out there.  As a company or business, a tagline is one of the most important ads you will ever create.

So whether or not you are a large company, a small business, or an independent brand, let’s take a look at some tagline examples that will get you thinking about your own company tagline.  With these ideas, you can create your own tagline that channels your company’s personality and attitude in a catchy and familiar one-liner.

Tagline Examples

Importance of Taglines

tagline examplesTaglines are important for your business, and here is why:

  1. They tell the key benefits that your brand has to offer.
  2. It helps differentiate you from your competitors.
  3. Provides recognition, as many people remember brands by their taglines.
  4. It represents the vision and the mission hat your company has in mind.
  5. It inspires customers and helps to convey goals.

The Perfect Tagline

Start branding yourself or your business with this helpful course on creating a unique brand identity.  With these tagline examples, you will create the perfect tagline so that your business will find a solid standing in today’s market.

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