At Udemy for Business, we believe driving learning is a responsibility shared by everyone. By democratizing learning within the organization, powerful knowledge can be unlocked at all levels and with all employees.

A recent study by Degreed and Harvard Business Corporate Learning found that employees are constantly seeking information in the flow of work. However, there is often a disconnect between these learner-driven activities and the formal trainings offered by companies. The lack of visibility into what and how employees are learning often results in ineffective learning resources.

To help organizations solve this problem and drive effective and purposeful learning, Udemy for Business is excited to introduce Learning Paths. Learning Paths help employees, teams, HR, L&D, and functional leads achieve specific learning outcomes by enabling anyone to combine Udemy content and resources into a customized learning path.

Whether it’s helping a team master critical competencies, learn new skills, or grow their careers, Learning Paths enable anyone to combine high-quality Udemy courses, custom courses, and web links to achieve unique learning goals.

Activate learning ambassadors to drive learning

In Udemy for Business, anyone can create a learning path to share and socialize learning. When knowledge is unlocked at all levels and across all employees, learning happens organically throughout the organization.

Customize to your unique learning objectives

Learning Paths can be customized and aligned with business objectives as well as learning goals and programs to make learning even more impactful and relevant for employees. 

Anyone in an organization can build a personalized journey of learning to:

Combine all relevant content and resources in one place

Centralize your learning in Udemy for Business by combining all learning resources in one place: fresh, high-quality Udemy for Business courses, internal links (like Wiki articles or shared docs), external links (like podcasts or articles), and custom courses for easy access.

Reach learning goals fast by selecting specific portions of a course

To help reach learning outcomes even more effectively, you can also select specific Sections or Lectures in a course that matter most.

Deliver learning outcomes with our powerful course recommendations

We know it can be intimidating, difficult, and time-consuming to create a learning path from scratch. That’s why we’re excited to provide powerful course recommendations to help tailor a learning path to meet specific skills needs.

Our recommended courses have been hand-selected by our team of Content specialists, and represent the highest quality and most in-demand courses in the Udemy for Business collection.

Make a learning path private for personal learning or public for the entire organization

Learning Paths can be private for personal learning or public to everyone in an organization. If a learning path is applicable to a team or other employees at the company, you can easily change the privacy settings to Public.

Note: Admins have the ability to edit or delete public learning paths, and also the ability to make a public learning path private.

Organize public learning paths into folders for easier access

Admins can easily create folders to organize public learning paths. You can organize public learning paths based on company-sponsored learning paths, team learning paths, learning paths for new hires, and major projects or initiatives.

Share and recommend learning paths through Assign

Admins can assign Learning Paths to users and groups, with an optional Due Date, just like courses.

Leverage Path Insights to monitor engagement and usage

On the Path Insights page, Admins and Group Admins can monitor engagement and view details on users enrolled in a learning path, check on their progress, and see if they were assigned or self-enrolled.

Learning Paths are available now for all Udemy for Business Enterprise plan customers. Interested in learning more about how this feature can unlock learning at your organization? Request a demo and speak to a member of our team!

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