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If you’re a Udemy instructor, chances are: You have a YouTube channel. You may be a mega YouTube star with thousands upon thousands of subscribers, or you may be just starting out with a couple hundred of subscribers and a few videos.

The good news is: We have instructors with less than 300 YT subscribers who immediately drove over $600 in course sales from YouTube, and instructors with huge subscriber bases who drove $7,000 immediately in course sales. Wherever you are on the spectrum, use this guide to outfit your YouTube channel to help you become a Udemy Bestseller.

The Guide is broken into 3 Phases: The Single, Double, and Home Run—each containing step-by-step instructions. Complete all 3 stages to completely prepare your YouTube channel for Udemy domination.

PHASE 1: The Single

1.   Create a few Instructor Coupon Codes for 25% off-50% off: YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE-home, YOUTUBE-pop1, YOUTUBE-pop2, YOUTUBE-video.

2.   Add the “YOUTUBE-home” discount link to your YouTube channel Home page.


3.   Add the “YOUTUBE” discount link (e.g. http://udemy.com/90s-karaoke-training/?couponCode=YOUTUBE) to your YouTube channel About page.


4.   Add the “YOUTUBE-pop1” discount link at the top of the description box for your most popular video.


5.   Add the “YOUTUBE-pop2” discount link at the top of the description box of your second most popular video.

6.   Add the “YOUTUBE-video” discount link at the top of the description box of all videos. (Pro Tip: If you have a lot of videos, hire an intern or Virtual Assistant from Fiverr, oDesk, Elance, etc. to add the links for you.)

PHASE 2: The Double

1.   Upload your Udemy course promo video/trailer to your YouTube channel. Include “[course title]: [instructor discount link]” at the beginning of the description box.

PHASE 3: The Homerun

1.   Each week, upload 1-2 lectures from your course. Include this in your description box: “[course title]: http://udemy.com/90s-karaoke-training/?couponCode=YOUTUBE-lecture1. Access the FULL course and downloadable PSDs/practice code/supplemental materials now.”

2.   Create playlists of your uploaded lecture videos with relevant and popular search terms (e.g. Jeremy created “The Photoshop Tools” playlist for his Photoshop Crash Course, containing videos such as: “How to use the Lasso Tool in Photoshop CS6.”)


3.   Upload the first 30 seconds of each Lecture video to your YouTube channel with a prompt to continue learning in the full course, and provide an instructor discount link to your course. (Pro Tip: Hire an intern or Virtual Assistant from Fiverr, oDesk, Elance, etc. to do this for you).

See how other Udemy instructors are using YouTube to drive target students to their courses.

Here are a few Udemy instructors who have channels where they share content related to their courses. They set a great example and should provide lots of inspiration and direction for you to do the same!

Jeremy Shuback – Jeremy Shuback

Phil Ebiner – Video School Online

Felicia Ricci – Belting Crash Course

And that is how you can outfit your YouTube channel to drive sales to your Udemy courses, today and everyday!

Have additional tips, challenges, or success stories? Share in the comments!

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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