Advantages of the Unity Game Engine – The Ultimate Tool for Game Development

unity game engineUnity was launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to build functions and projects on Mac computers. It was later was introduced for other platforms. Unity performs as a game development environment providing intuitive tools that help you design awesome 3D content. It also provides cross platform publishing, millions of ready-made assets in the Asset Store and an online community. For individual developers and studios, Unity’s environment reduces the time and cost allowing you to develop uniquely beautiful interactive games. It provides flexibility to deploy projects on multi-platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.

Unity has three parts:

  • A game engine: This allows the games to be created, tested and played in different environments.
  • An application where the design or the user interface is put together with a graphics preview option and control play function.
  • A code editor: The IDE provides a text editor to write code. However, a separate text editor is often used to avoid confusion.

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Unity is an excellent platform for beginners who want to learn more about game development. In addition, it provides developers with online tutorials to begin game development and practice different techniques to build high quality games. The online Unity community has experienced developers who provide help and support in resolving issues and enhance the learning process. It also has detailed documentation of the Unity engine environment. Unity encourages developers by providing free trial upgrades to the professional version.

Unity IDE provides an interface for beginners to start the game development. The user interface is implemented in a way where the design phase and backend is separated to reduce the complexity of the development. The animations and visuals are written in C++ for performance. Development in unity is divided into modules. Developers can include audio and video in games, create characters and scenes directly using a visual interface.

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Features of Unity:

  • Rendering: The Unity graphics engines use OpenGL, Direct3D, OpenGl ES for mobile platform (iOS, Android) and various APIs. There is also support of reflection, parallax and bump mapping. It provides features to render text and use of shadow maps for dynamic shadows. Various file formats of different software are supported. For instance, Adobe Photoshop, Blender and 3ds Max are supported.
  • Scripting: Scripting is built on Mono, the open source platform for.NET Framework. Programmers write the UnityScript similar to JavaScript, C sharp and Boo.
  • Asset Tracking: Unity has an asset server- control solution for developer scripts and game assets. It uses PostgreSQl as a backend system for audio and the Theora Codec for video playback. It also has a terrain and vegetation engine built in global illumination and light mapping and built-in path finding meshes.
  • Physics: The Unity engine provides built-in support for PhysX physics engine with real time cloth simulation on skinned meshes, collision layers and thick ray casts.

Example Hello World Unity3D in C#

public class HelloWorld : MonoBehaviour
// The message variable will display and initialize "Hello World!"
public string message = "Hello World!";
// Unity specific code will display GUI widgets

To run this code, you must add it to your game object. This code then displays the “Hello World!” message on screen.

Creating and Running the Code:


•           Create folder in the project view and name it “Hello_world”

•           Create the script in the “Hello_world” folder and name it “Operation”

•           Attach the script to the game object

•           Inside the Operation, add the script or code.

•           Run the example to see the output


  • Platform Support – Great support for a wide variety of platforms, about 95% work is shared between PC, iOS, web and mobile platforms
  • IDE – A single integrated development environment for all platforms is ideal and IDE itself is the most powerful tool with user-friendly environment and extra-ordinary game development features.
  • Great graphics – Support for advanced visual and audio effects with great material support. Visual easily scales down to screens of mobile devices without compromising the low level access for optimizations with pixel shaders.
  • Documentation – The support of experienced developers and detail documentation on minute details of topics is an added advantage.
  • Deployment: It is easy to deploy games on unity engine.
  • Code is very much stable in comparison to other languages and consists of a great architecture for good performance and reduced errors.
  • Profiler: It comes with an easy profiler that is used for game optimization and prevents memory leaks.
  • Reverse coding is not possible of the games once deployed.

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Unity is an excellent platform to start game development and definitely recommended for developers who want to jump start game development. Unity provides numerous tutorials based video examples that make a developer familiar with the development process.