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Hand drawing colored illustration on sketchpad

The Procreate app offers endless possibilities in comparison to other artistic media. But even if you master the techniques of Procreate, you might still have trouble finding things to draw on Procreate or coming up with good Procreate ideas for your next drawing project.

You can create so many things in Procreate. The app has become the number one tool for digital illustration, and not just for professionals. Art enthusiasts worldwide use it every day and let their creativity flow to the screen. Even though thousands of video tutorials are available, learning the basics of drawing and painting with step-by-step instructions is the best way to start your artistic journey.

In this article, I will share with you seven cool Procreate project ideas that will enrich your artistic skills and give you visually appealing results.

1. Food illustration

An artist holds an Apple Pencil above an iPad showing an illustration of a pink donut with sprinkles.

You might already have heard the rule: “Everything can be broken down into basic geometric shapes.” It is always a good idea for a beginner to look for objects to draw that have very basic shapes.

For example, a donut is basically two circles that don’t even have to be perfect. Easy, right? Try drawing these two shapes, then just add shadows, light, and details, and voila — you have a cool food illustration.

Painting your favorite food is not just easy and fun but will help you build your brand as an artist. Coffee? Muffins? Donuts? Your audience loves them too!

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2. Objects with eyes

An iPad on a desk showing an illustration of an ice cream cone with purple ice cream and a smiley face

Everything looks better with cute eyes. If you want to create a cute illustration, just choose an object and add some eyes — and people will immediately fall in love with your art.

It can be your favorite mug, an ice cream cone, or a book. Just look around your desk, find your favorite objects, and then paint them. That way, you will not only learn some observational drawing but also enter the world of character design. 

You don’t even need to “know” how to draw eyes — even simple circles with a little light will make your objects look adorable. And what about the objects? Keep in mind the rule of basic geometric shapes — an ice-cream cone is just the combination of a sphere and a cone. If you learn how to shade basic geometric shapes, you will never have problems drawing anything in the future. 

3. Playing with light

An artist holds an Apple Pencil above an iPad showing an illustration of an elderly woman pouring tea under an overhead lamp

What makes an artwork even more exciting is playing with light. With simple techniques, you can make objects glow and shine and also set a really nice mood in the overall image.

Procreate offers so many tools that will help you with adding light to your artworks: Procreate brushes will help you to paint stars and light strings while working with layers and transparency will help you to “turn on” a lamp or paint rays of light.

Adding light to any of your artwork will be a fine detail that will make it exceptional. Plus, your skills will skyrocket after you discover all the possibilities that come with the different ways of lighting a scene or an object. Trust me, this will be your next favorite thing to do in Procreate.

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4. Buildings, rooms, and furniture

illustration of Fox on bed on sketchpad

It is always a fun idea to draw our environment. Digital painting offers tools that we do not have in traditional media. There are drawing guides and perspective tools that help us out in every project.

Because buildings, rooms, and furniture are all based on geometric shapes, it is very easy to draw and paint them. By adding fun details and using moody color palettes, you can create magical scenes, and most importantly, you will learn how to draw in perspective, which is an essential skill for every artist.

Adding space into your art will open up a ton of new possibilities to express yourself. You can place your characters into scenes and start your storytelling journey.

5. Cute characters

Creating cute characters is the essence of digital illustration. Simple shapes or animals are great starting points for creating your own creatures. Built-in tools in Procreate, like the symmetry tool, can help even absolute beginners to get a decent base for their illustrations. 

Vibrant color palettes and textured brush sets can make simple drawings lively, and fun accessories make your characters’ personalities unique. By creating characters, you can strengthen your artistic voice — a wonderful way to get where you wish to be on your artistic journey.

6. Easy landscapes

Hand holding pen to illustrate on sketchpad

There is nothing easier than painting silhouettes. You don’t need to pay attention to details, textures, or shading. You can just play with shapes and their placement. 

Painting simple landscapes with silhouettes of trees, animals, and plants is a perfect fit for art beginners and those who already have some experience. Depending on the level of detail of the shapes themselves, you can create a loose artwork or a pro landscape that will amaze everyone!

Make your easy silhouette landscapes pop with some vibrant colors, and also keep in mind the simple rule of values: “Things that are closer are darker, warmer, and more saturated than things that are farther away.”

7. Getting festive

Image of a hand next to a sketchpad containing a colorful image of a Pumpkin.

Seasonal illustration is one of the most popular topics for any artistic media. Creating postcards, prints, or apparel with your designs is a unique way of expressing yourself while keeping up with the always-popular trends of Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.

By creating seasonal illustrations, you might also get some extra exposure on social media platforms. The indefinite ways of portraying the same topic are fascinating and may connect you to other artists as well.

Getting started on your first Procreate project

You have so many more ways to diversify your art and level up your skills with Procreate. If you haven’t yet figured out how to use Procreate, learn the basics of Procreate here

Master the most important drawing techniques with a drawing masterclass today. Then, dive deep into these Procreate project ideas and make your art stand out from the crowd!

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