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speed reading coursesDid you ever wonder how doctors, CEOs, professors, and scientists absorb the latest information for their profession and still have time to do the job we know they must be doing? Many successful people don’t read at a leisurely pace, the average of 300 words per minute (wpm) that the average adult accomplishes. Some can speed read, but all read at a level beyond most of our comprehension. Time is money after all, successful people know this and they learn to do things accordingly.

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Why Speed Read?

Staples sponsored a speed-reading test which showed this data:

According to a Forbes article entitled, “Do You Read Fast Enough to Be Successful?”, author Brett Nelson says that the average person will spend two hours of every day reading emails, blog posts, newspapers, text-books, magazines, novels, etc.

Just imagine if you could read 1,500 words per minute instead of a mere 300. That would equate to 24 minutes of your time every day, leaving you time to exercise, eat well, sleep, spend time with your loved ones, or anything else you wish to spend that 96 minutes. Hey, you could even take in a movie!

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Speed Reading Resources

Just searching online to research this article I found countless resources:

It’s no wonder in our fast-paced world with short attention spans we must learn to do things better, stronger, faster, more efficient than the generation before.

Techniques for Teaching Speed Reading

We often think that one technique will lead to reading at the speed of light but as with anything, there is more than one way to do it, and it will take time to achieve the results you want.

Mechanical Strategies

Comprehension Strategies

Richard L. Feldman, Ph.D., Speed Reading Expert at Columbia University, says to use a combination of these strategies, find what works for you, and continue with it while you improve to the level you are happy with.

Who Can Benefit from Speed Reading?

The truth is that anyone could benefit from being able to speed read. But those who live very busy lives and their work depends on reading must learn to read very fast. Writers must research, we spend much more time reading than we do writing—we often get paid by the word or piece—the more time we can spend writing the more we have to live on. Editors must read all the time to find errors, typos, continuity of sentence structure; looking for clarity along the way—they must be able to read fast to do their work.

Professionals must be able to read peer reviewed journal articles to stay fresh and keep their education level up to date. These articles are a tough read and are highly technical. They don’t get paid to do the reading but must do it to stay relevant for what they get paid to do.

Programmers must read through code which can be extensive, being able to do this quickly can assist them in finding errors, and testing, which is a very important part of their job. Take this course in speed reading for IT.

Bottom Line

You have the power to read faster. It will take work, but you are an amazing person with the ability to do many things if you will do just one thing: try.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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