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online teaching certificationSoftware testing is the process of verifying and validating the quality of any specific product or service that is under development. It is all about providing the business with a clear idea of probable risks that might be involved in implementing the particular software and its functionality. It’s essential to learn the basic skills that are required to test software and how to include the test in the software development of the application or product. There are a number of software testing certifications that are very useful especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs who have entered the testing field and want to add significant value to their business projects. Learn more about planning a thorough software test strategy with this course.

Software Testing Certification

Software testing certification trains you in the best way to perform quality analysis at different stages of the software development cycle to make sure that the program is free from all kinds of errors and bugs. Today’s competitive world needs businesses to obtain a competitive advantage over others and training your employees in software testing ensures you have the resources to do so. Due to the enhanced difficulty of advanced software development projects in a business, your company needs a quality analysis team that possesses a thorough understanding of software testing. Without pertinent knowledge through certifications, the process of developing advanced software for your business remains incomplete. In short, software testing is the bottom-line of any company’s reputation and you certainly need certified professionals to build products of top notch quality.

How to Get Certified in Software Testing and Quality Analysis?

Certifications are currently in great demand, especially if your business is involved in software development whether its internal applications for productivity of public-facing apps such as ecommerce stores. If you are software testing professional or run a software business, then you should consider getting trained and certified in some of the best software tester programs that cover a gamut of topics important in the industry. Below is a list of some of the popular software testing certifications that are helping businesses develop error-free and effective products and services:

• Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ) – The Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ) certification establishes a standard for assessing the competence of quality assurance (QA) professionals. Acquiring this certification indicates the level of competence for managing QA teams and designing testing automation software.

• Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) – The ability of business owners to distinguish skilled individuals becomes very important in the field. CAST Certification demonstrates an entry level understanding of the principles and practices of quality testing. CASTs become members of an acclaimed professional group and receive recognition of their competence by business associates.

• Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST) – This certification establishes a global standard for assessing the capabilities of software testing professionals that are working at software testing management level.

Most of these certifications are based on your performance in the examinations conducted in a stipulated duration and consist of theoretical real-world questions. You need to have a thorough knowledge on skills such risk management, exploring software functionality, building test ideas and so on. Entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners can undertake such training programs and get certified with flying colors.

Many small businesses use JIRA, a very powerful testing management tool that is used to track defect in systems, and enhance the productivity of their businesses. JIRA lets you implement Agile software project management. It also helps in tracking service request, project management, service management and test management during the process of performing their business operations. For more insights on software certification, take this online course on JIRA for defect tracking and management.

Besides this, different testing tools are adopted to establish the credibility of products and services, and you should be able to determine whether the project development should proceed to the next level or not. If your requirements or specifications do not change much over time, you can even consider automating your testing. This course shows you how to automate your software testing with Selenium.

Benefits of Software Testing Certification

It can be quite challenging to look at the benefits of software testing from business perspective, because QA extends deadlines and cost extra. Software testing certification can save your company’s time and money by reducing the defects and overall cost even if the cost savings comes at an initial price. It can result in products and applications being delivered faster and more systematically. You can trust these certification programs as they are based on the standards developed by more than a hundred software testing experts.

Software testing has the potential to revolutionize your business process. Organizations can benefit from software testing in numerous ways that include continual improvement, reputation building, happy customers and a motivated staff. Poor software quality costs billions of dollars and has a negative impact on corporate reputation. Companies often under-value the process of software testing, due to a lack of understanding of the benefits it can bring to their business. In order to build and launch a successful product or service, it is critical for you to have certified professionals in your software testing team and equip your business with important software certifications.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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