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skills for successDo you want to rise to the top of your career, start and grow your own business, or rise through the ranks of a large organization? Whether your goals are political or entrepreneurial, there are certain skills that you need to possess to be successful.

From patience to presentation, confidence to critical thinking, in this blog post we take a look at the seven most important skills for success. Each is a powerful and important component of the mindset and skill set required for success.

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Without confidence, you’ll never make it anywhere. In fact, without confidence in your goals and your vision, any other skills you possess – from the technical to the psychological – are likely to be wasted.

All of history’s great leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and business visionaries shared one common skill: absolute confidence in themselves. They were strongly invested in their goals and ambitions, and strongly confident of themselves.

Developing personal confidence isn’t always easy. Our course, Transform Self Doubt Into Confidence, helps you turn your doubts and worries into personal confidence that you can use to transform your life and become capitalize on opportunities.

‘Big Picture’ Vision

One of the most important skills for success is the ability to look at the ‘big picture’ – the situation or setting as a whole, rather than in segments. When you specialize too much, it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture and stay stuck in one place.

For an ambitious executive, this could be a vision of what it takes to reach the next level in their career, or the ‘total package’ of skills required for a CEO or Managing Director position. For an entrepreneur, it could be an understanding of the market.

Every successful person, from entrepreneurs to sports stars, have understood the importance of ‘big picture’ strategy. Our blog post on strategy, tactics, and operations goes into further detail on the importance of strategy for success.

Critical Thinking

If you want to be successful, you need to be able to analyze situations and problems critically and make logical decisions. Whether in the boardroom, on a soapbox, or on the sports field, quick decision making is one of the most important of all skills.

An important aspect of critical thinking is being able to separate valuable data from trivial data. This often ties into the ‘big picture’ thinking discussed above. When you encounter information, ask yourself: Is this valuable or trivial information?

Being able to hone in on the most important information, quickly make intelligent and rational decisions, and take decisive action are all hallmarks of the successful, ambitious, and capable.

One of the best ways to hone your critical thinking skills is by engaging in friendly arguments on complicated topics. Our course, A Clear Logical Argument Guaranteed, teaches you how to form arguments and develop your critical thinking skills.


Success doesn’t come quickly, and when it does it often disappears even faster than it arrives. Most of the world’s most successful people spent years honing their craft and developing their skills before they became the people they are today.

Even history’s ‘overnight’ successes often spent years working in their industry or studying their craft before reaching the heights of success. The reason they made it all the way to the top is because they possessed an important skill: patience.

Patience isn’t something you’re born with or without – it’s a skill that you can build and cultivate like any other. One of the best ways to develop patience is by adopting a mindset that inspires you to be thankful and patient through studying philosophy.

Our course, Introduction to Philosophy: From Ancient Greece to Today, teaches you the wisdom of history’s greatest philosophers. From patience to humility, many of the core teachings of the ancient philosophers remain highly relevant today.


You may have heard the adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It’s a truthful slice of workplace wisdom, that, although slightly outdated in today’s age of telecommuting and casual workplaces, remains relevant.

Instead of just dressing for the job or future you want, behave in the way you think someone of that stature would behave. Adopt the principles, behaviors, and attitude of someone at the top of your industry and eventually, you’ll become that person.

Presenting yourself well is an important aspect of this. From your clothing to your public speaking skills, making yourself presentable to the people you care about is an important skill that every ambitious person needs to master.

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Social Skills

You can’t make it to the top alone. All of history’s successful people, from artists to world leaders, climbed the ladder of success by networking with other people and helping each other succeed.

Networking skills are an essential part of becoming successful, and developing your social skills should be a key priority of your life. Charisma and friendliness isn’t just something you’re born with; it’s a skill that, like any other, you can develop.

Do you struggle with personal networking and meeting new people? Our course, How to Build an Awesome Professional Network, teaches you how to meet new people and form lifelong, mutually profitable professional bonds.


All of the knowledge, confidence, and connections in the world are worth little if you aren’t willing to put in the work to build your dream life. From entrepreneurship to global politics, the top people in every field are hardworking and disciplined.

Like famous author Maya Angelou says, “nothing will work unless you do.” The most carefully optimized business plan, the perfectly planned novel, or the most exciting screenplay will also fail to get off the ground without hard, disciplined work.

Many people have a great work ethic that’s held back by procrastination. Enroll in our course, 9 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination, to learn how you can block out time-wasting habits and behaviors and start working hard to achieve your goals.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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