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realestateslogansAlong with the logo, the slogan forms the core part of your brand’s identity. A strong logo is crucial in the world of real estate where standing out from the intense competition can make or break your brand.

Below, we’ll look at some real estate slogan examples and share some tips on coming up with your own slogan. You can learn more about writing great slogans and taglines in this course on crafting a marketing message that sells.

1. Identify Who You Really Are (And What Matters to You)

The first step in any slogan writing process is introspection.

It may be a far stretch from coffee-fueled copywriting sessions you probably imagined (thanks in no small part to Mad Men), but your average copywriter is likely to spend more time mulling over a brand and its values than throwing around clever quips and witty one-liners.

This is because before you can even think of creating a catchy slogan, you first need to thoroughly understand your business, its mission, and its value proposition.

Let’s flesh this out a bit.

You can see a great example of this on Keller Williams Realty’s “Belief System” page.

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2. Adopt Time Tested Values

Understand that when you’re in the business of selling homes, you are also in the business of selling dreams and fulfilling aspirations. For most, buying a home will be the single biggest purchase they’ll ever make. In this context, adopting time honored traditions and values makes not just business sense, but helps with the slogan writing as well.

Ideally, your slogan should evoke trust, honesty and solidity. While you can throw in some fun and humor in there, it need not be the singular focus of your slogan (unless you are targeting a very niche demographic). Your customers won’t take buying a home lightly; neither should you.

In fact, you’ll notice this trend in the slogans of most non-commodity businesses – insurance, banking, and B2B services (see below for examples) – all of which evoke feelings of confidence and reliability. It is fun when your deodorant slogans and beer ads are funny and whimsical, but when your bank starts talking like the Old Spice Man, you should start worrying!

If you do decide to be quirky and funny, make sure that you do it with complete faith and confidence. Nothing kills humor than a half-hearted, unsure attempt at a joke.

3. Mind the Logo

Your slogan will seldom be displayed in isolation. Most of the time, it will form a part of a whole along with your logo. Take care to select a slogan that complements the logo instead of contradicting it (and vice versa). Just as a pair of red sneakers can’t go with a tuxedo, a wacky logo with a sophisticated slogan sticks out like a sore thumb.

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4. Be Clear

There’s an old saying among copywriters: “Be clear, not clever”.

Essentially, this means that clarity supersedes cleverness. Your customers should have a clear and immediate idea of what your company is about from your slogan; the cleverness can come later. As we will see in our examples below, this is a rule adopted by tons of business from the real estate world and beyond.

Of course, this rule isn’t set in stone; plenty of businesses have succeeded with cleverness where clarity failed them (especially in consumer goods businesses where humor and cleverness get rewarded). For the most part, however, choose to be clear instead of being clever.

In the same vein, always pick a shorter logo over a longer one. This not only helps with clarity, but also ensures that your slogan remains memorable (besides benefiting the design by fitting underneath the logo).

5. Don’t Be Generic

The worst thing you can do for your slogan is to be generic. No slogan is better than a dull, generic one like “Best Homes in Portland!” or “Finest Homes in Portland”. Your customers should carry a positive impression about your business from your slogan, not associate it with uninspired, unimaginative tripe.

6. Focus on the Benefits

This is one tip every copywriter swears by: focus on the benefits, not the business. Customers don’t care how long you’ve been in business or how many industry awards you’ve won. They care about how you can help them. Tell them exactly how you can help them buy the home of their dreams, and they’ll love for you it. Drone on about how you’ve been in business and how many homes you sold last year, and you’ll lose them.

Now that we know how to write our slogan, let’s look at a few examples and learn from the pros.

Time-Tested Real Estate Slogan Examples

First, let’s look at some slogans from non-real estate brands just to get an idea what good slogans look like:

Short, succinct and to the point. Coca-Cola associates itself with the most important concept in advertising – happiness – in just two simple words.

From the Mac to the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has always done things differently. What better way to emphasize this than by associating its products with different thinking?

Note that Apple doesn’t say “we are different”. It says, “Use our products and think different”. Combined with the iconography of Einstein, Gandhi, etc. used in its ads, this makes for compelling branding.

GE’s slogan is a little wordy, but simple enough to be memorable. For a company that builds everything from medical equipment to light bulbs, it is also broad enough to accommodate all categories of products.

This is a great example of a slogan that not only demonstrates the core values of the company, but also sounds great – an important characteristic of strong slogans.

Nokia’s slogan is among the best known in the world, thanks to its simplicity and the enduring values it demonstrates. It’s also a great example of a logo that emphasizes benefits, not features. Nokia could’ve very well talked about how it builds the world’s most advanced phones, but instead, it chose to focus on what those phones actually do: connect people.

Now let’s take a look at some more examples from the real-estate world:

As one of the largest industrial real estate companies in the world, Prologis is an important cog in the global business machinery. Yet, in this slogan, it chooses to emphasize how it helps local businesses grow by facilitating global trade. The juxtaposition of local and global not only sounds nice, but also demonstrates the company values and mission.

Simple and to the point, the slogan for Equity Residential – a member of S&P 500 – emphasizes how its homes feel rather than how they look or the advanced features they may have. This is another time-tested technique in advertising – to appeal to emotions than to reason, to how things feel over how things are.

“Homes, Lives, Dreams” – three words that encapsulate the aspirational nature of homes. People buy homes to live, and they buy homes to fulfill their dreams. This logo captures both these ideas in three simple words.

Far East Organization, which is the single largest private real estate developer in Singapore, has a simple motto: to help people live better lives. It recognizes that better homes lead to greater life satisfaction, and plays that up in this simple, effective slogan.

As the biggest residential apartment development company in Australia, Meriton has been instrumental in bringing the country’s residential infrastructure to world-class standards. Since the company has been operating for more than 50 years (it was founded in 1963), it emphasizes its long expertise, superior quality and the trust that the Meriton name brings to any project. The latter half of the slogan focuses on how these together make Meriton different, though you could very well remove it and still have a short, succinct and effective slogan.

These are just a few slogan examples from some of the top real estate companies in the world. But if you’re new to the business of realty, this course on real estate investment and analysis will help you get started.


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