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Before I give you some useful links to Python project resources, I would like to mention where you can use Python. Here is where Python shines:

Web Development

PHP is currently a very popular language for developing web apps, but Python may soon replace it. Developers have discovered that Python’s web frameworks, like Flask and Django, make web development quick and easy. Django is good for enterprise software and comes with all the features of a full framework, while Flask is simpler and easier to use.

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These traditional Python web frameworks handle only the backend code. They process data and serve it back to the user. To have a complete web app that displays data on the frontend for the user, you will need HTML, Javascript, and CSS code. Fortunately, there are pure Python web frameworks that handle the frontend code. One of these frameworks is JustPy. It’s new, but it is very promising and exciting to work with since you don’t need to know the other frontend languages to build a complete web app. 

Desktop and Mobile Apps 

Python is also an excellent choice for building desktop GUI apps. Popular Python GUI libraries include PyQT and Kivy. I would suggest Kivy because it simplifies building software for multiple operating systems. Once you have written the code in Kivy you can use other libraries to convert it into standalone executables that run on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, or Android.

Scientific Applications

Scientists prefer Python because of the range of scientific Python libraries available. No matter what science you are doing, there’s probably a Python library to help you do it. With some internet research, you can see how others use Python in your field.

One library popular in all the sciences is Pandas. Pandas is a data analysis library, and if you’re working with Python, you will use it eventually. Data visualization is also important in most scientific fields. Some Python data visualization libraries worth looking at include Bokeh and Matplotlib. With Matplotlib, you can make highly customizable plots. With Bokeh, you can make browser-based interactive plots for your Flask or Django web apps.

Now that we have looked at the fields where Python is widely used, let’s take a look at some Python projects to help you learn this language.

Python Projects to Work On

You will not learn Python by reading a book or watching others do it. Learning a programming language is like learning how to drive. You have to get in the driver’s seat, start the car, and drive it. Some things you can only learn by doing and using a programming language is one of them.

In programming, the only way you learn is in problem-solving mode, and you can only do that by working on actual projects. Like most others, you probably started your Python journey by learning basic features such as variables, lists, and functions, but this knowledge is useless by itself. You may know how to write a few lines of functioning code, but you may not have enough knowledge to complete a fully functional Python application. However, you will improve with practice, and the projects below will help you do that. Some of the resources are video-based, some are project ideas, and some are ideas and solutions together.

  1. Udemy course with ten projects

If you aren’t confident starting a Python project from scratch, this course will teach you how to build ten different real-world Python applications. The instructor in this course will guide you through building a wide variety of Python applications, including web apps, desktop apps, automation apps, webcam apps, and web-scraping apps.

  1. Daily programmer Reddit community

At this Reddit community members post project ideas for other programmers to complete. Browse through the threads and find an idea that interests you.

  1. Python Reddit community

This is another Reddit community purely about Python. Here you will find links to the source code of projects people have completed. You can browse these projects to learn more about Python or post your own projects to discuss them with others.

  1. Dreamincode Project ideas

Here are some project ideas to get your imagination going. A great thing about this site is that the ideas are divided by field (such as networking, threading, web, and classes).

  1. Github project ideas with code solutions

Here you will find more than 100 project ideas. A good feature of this site is that you will also find the code solutions for those Python projects. I suggest you try to solve the projects on your own before you peek at the solutions.

All the above links list multiple Python projects.

  1. Kaggle projects

Below are some links to individual Python projects hosted on Kaggle. These projects cover using Python for data science and include datasets that will be used to solve some interesting problems.

If the projects above don’t excite you, then you may want to start with one of the datasets that Kaggle provides. With it, you can create your own Python project ideas and machine-learning predictions. Here are some good datasets you can start with:

I hope that one of the Python projects above interests you and you stick to it. Finishing a project demands some dedication, but believe me, the satisfaction gained from completing a project and seeing it in action is well worth it.
Also, remember to use Q&A programming forums like Stackoverflow and Reddit if you have questions or run into issues completing a project. If you’re taking a Python course on Udemy, you can also ask a question in the internal Udemy Q&A forum to get an answer directly from the course instructor or even discuss it with fellow students.

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