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Project Management DocumentsIf you’ve ever had the desire to be a project manager, and were a little curious to take a peek inside the inner workings of this interesting career, we can offer you a quick glimpse into a very specific aspect of project management: the documents that they use on a regular basis. As you can imagine, project management is a complex job, with many responsibilities falling onto the shoulders of these workers. With each phase of a project comes a new batch of issues that must be addressed, as well as the documents that are necessary for these phases to get underway.

Today, we will be discussing the documents used by project managers, beginning with the initiation of a project, on through to its completion. Each project is different, with its own particular set of issues to be dealt with, so the documents used by one project manager could be vastly different from those of another project manager, with the documents discussed today being some of the more widely used in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about project management, this article on how to run projects efficiently and this course on the tools and techniques of the industry will both show you the nuts and bolts of this career. If you’re truly serious about this as a career option, this course on prepping for the PMP exam will help you cram for this important test.

Initiation Phase

In this, the first step of a project, the project manager must define the framework for the project, which, at this point, technically doesn’t even exist yet. Some of the goals of this important stage include dictating the project’s scope, justifying its existence, securing funds, if necessary, and making sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

Planning Phase

This is when the project really starts to grow wings, and the documents associated with this stage become numerous and involved. Here, what must be figured out is how the project will progress, as well as how each part will be executed. It’s important that the planning done in this phase be thorough and secure, as this is where the foundation for the rest of the project is laid.

Execution Phase

Typically the longest phase of the project lifecycle, the execution phase consumes the most energy and resources. Issues such as time, cost, quality, change, and risk are all factors that must be attended to during this phase. There are many documents involved in this phase, so for the sake of time and space, we will only mention some of the more important ones.

Finalization Phase

Like its name suggests, this is the final phase of a project, with it either having been completed or cancelled. Here, the project manager makes sure the benefits have been met, the objectives completed, lessons recorded for future reference, and that the project is closed down.

As you may be able to tell, project management is a good career choice, especially for the most organized of people. There is a lot involved in seeing a project through, from inception to completion, and much of the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the project manager. If this career seems interesting and like something you might be interested in pursuing, this course on the basics of project management  provides a good intro, and this course on the more detailed and advanced theories and practices will show you if you’re truly meant for this career.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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