List of Positive Affirmations for Your Success

list of positive affirmationsIf you’re looking for a quick, practical and best of all a free way to make improvements in your life – you’ve found it. Though it sounds too good to be true, in practice simply reciting affirmations help to set you on the right path during your day, and can get you ‘realigned’ when something happens that knocks you out of whack. Backed up by science, it has been proven that every thought and emotion causes a chemical reaction, so when your brain starts running with stressful or negative thoughts, you can cancel it out with a positive one. Making it a habit to recite the affirmations can boost your mood, decision making ability and bring you to balance, no matter what else is happening. Your personal mantra should be exactly that, personal, and don’t forget that what one person needs to hear can be very different from the next. Experiment until you find something that works.

As follows are our list of positive affirmations that will allow you to reach success, all you need to do is include them in your morning routine, or daily meditation to start seeing positive results! You can learn to meditate in this course,  or take the 10 day challenge and make meditation a major part of your life.

Affirmations always work best when you recite them in the present tense, and say them both confidently and LOUD! Try to believe them as you recite, as it will help you to embrace whatever comes up in your life. If you’re not feeling confident, take this course and boost your self confidence – fast!

To Recite When You’re Feeling Lonely

  • I take pleasure in my own solitude, because I am comfortable with myself.
  • I can feel the love of all those who love me, but are not physically nearby.
  • I am a gift to the world, and above self-pity.
  • I love myself, and approve of who I am.

To Recite When you Need to be Uplifted

  • I am unique, and one of a kind.
  • What I offer to the world is as bright as anyone else.
  • What I have to offer the world is important, because I matter.
  • I may not understand what’s good about this situation, but there is good here.
  • I always have just a little bit more hope inside me.
  • I have the courage to take this head on.
  • I refuse to give up.

To Recite When You Feel Like You’re Just Not Good Enough

  • I give up the right to criticize myself.
  • I can see the perfection in my flaws and I am more than good enough.
  • I love to praise myself, and I deserve the praise.
  • I am genius, and fully approve of the person that I am.
  • I am always good, great, and amazing, no matter what time of the day it is.
  • I have an inner light and I trust myself.

To Recite When You’re Needlessly Comparing Yourself to Other People

  • I am the source of my own happiness, and I don’t let others judge me.
  • I have no right to compare myself to anyone else, they have their own path.
  • I choose to compare myself to all that I can become, and my own light in the world.
  • I am happy with myself, and my circumstances.
  • I am a gift, to my family, my friends and my community and I take actions to improve all of them.

To Recite When You Feel Like Giving Up

  • I cannot give up until I’ve exhausted every option.
  • To give up is an easy option, let’s put it off until tomorrow.
  • Let’s find out what’s at the end of this path.
  • Following my heart and intuition will keep me strong.
  • I can make the right decisions, because I draw from my inner strength.

To Recite When You’re Feeling a Tad Nervous

  • I focus on my breathing and let it calm me.
  • I trust that my intuition will guide me.
  • I am prepared and know that the situation will work out for the best.
  • Wonderful things are happening, right now, in this moment.

To Recite When You’re Feeling Angry

  • I forgive and let go of my anger, so I can see clearly.
  • I acknowledge the mistakes I have made, and forgive myself.
  • I take responsibility for those who have been hurt by my anger.
  • I can replace my anger with understanding and compassion.
  • I am sincerely apologetic to all those I have hurt, and I will reach out to them to ask forgiveness.

To Recite When You Need to Make a Major Decision

  • I trust that I will guide myself to the right decision.
  • I know that I will make the best choice, and the smartest decision.
  • I make the final call, and I listen to all of the feedback with kindness.
  • I have considered every outcome and I am making the right choice.

To Recite When You’re Having Family Troubles

  • I love my family, and I know that they will learn to understand me.
  • I show my family I love them each and every day.
  • There is a very good reason I am a part of this family.
  • My family is a gift, and I cherish it.
  • The hardships I face with my family help me to grow into a better person.

To Recite When You’re Around Your Friends

  • I choose my friends because they approve of me, and they love me
  • I surround myself with good people, and they treat me well
  • I show my friends I care about them
  • I do not let my friends influence my decisions, and they don’t judge me
  • I love my friends, even when we disagree or take a different path

To Recite When You’re at a Social Gathering

  • I am smart, beautiful/handsome and everyone sees me as confident and self assured.
  • I can leave this situation at any time, at my choice.
  • I never know who I will meet next, or how amazing they are.
  • I enjoy the company of new people, as I learn the different kinds of people I like.

To Recite to Help Your Success at Work

  • I love my work, and I find it fulfilling.
  • I understand that everything I do in this life is a choice that I have made.
  • I don’t settle for work that is boring, meaningless or frustrating.
  • I take part in work that helps to have a positive impact on the world.
  • I believe that I can impact the world, even on a small scale, with the work that I am doing.

To Recite When You Can’t Get to Sleep

  • I am letting go of all of my thoughts until the morning.
  • I embrace the peaceful sleep that is awaiting me.
  • I am calmed by the peace and quiet of the night.
  • I sleep soundly and let go of all of my stress this night.

To Recite When You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

  • I know today will be a day to remember, let’s greet it head-on.
  • Today is special, and who knows the joy I will meet.
  • I am in charge of my own reality, and I will make today a bright new day.
  • This day is full of hope, and will come and go regardless if I participate. Let’s go make an impact.

To Recite When the Future is Looking Bleak

  • I know I am on the right path, and I let go of my fears.
  • I will not waste my energy on what could be, I focus on what I can make an impact on.
  • I make smart decisions for my future.
  • I have experts helping to plan my financial future.
  • I refuse to fall into a state of panic, I am prepared for the future.
  • I trust that I have the ability to create a wonderful future.

To Recite When You are Struggling to Follow Your Dream

  • No matter what I follow my dreams.
  • I ask my loved ones to help me follow my dreams.
  • I believe in my own ability to achieve whatever I set out to.
  • I know the answers are in front of me, and I have the power to take action.

To Recite When You’re Facing Problems

  • I am safe and sound and I am in control.
  • I know that everything will work out for the best.
  • I understand that there is a reason behind everything that is happening, and I believe it’s positive.
  • I have the brains and ability to find a way out.
  • I can find the solution.

To Recite When You Want to Acknowledge Your Own Power

  • The past, and everything that comes with it has no power over me.
  • I embrace my own heart, and am on my own path.
  • Everything that I need is coming to me, at the right time, and at the right places.
  • I am completely and utterly fulfilled.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, these affirmations will help you to overcome any negative feelings that you have, and put you on the path to success. The key is to be happy, and you can learn a little more in this recent post. You always have time to stop, take a breath, and run through the affirmations that you need to hear. For anyone who grew up and didn’t hear how special, unique and capable you are, you can change your whole mentality by reciting these affirmations yourself, or take a course on the law of attraction and learn how to take charge of your own life. You’re the only who is at the center of your own world, so empower yourself to find your path to inner peace!