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lean six sigma certificationCompetition in the highly lucrative financial and commercial sectors as a project manager or management consultant is fierce. Companies have their choice of candidates and currently one of the criteria used for sorting the wheat from the chaff is by selecting certified candidates. Certification in Lean management or a Six Sigma certification are both highly regarded by industry so a Lean Six Sigma certification therefore goes a long way to getting your credentials to the top of the pile. Combine the two levels of Six Sigma certification and sign up for the Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Combo course today. The course offers over sixty lectures that will teach you how to implement Six Sigma management principles to help organizations decrease their operating costs. It will show you how to implement the concepts of Six Sigma and guide you to inspire greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are no official sources of certification for Six Sigma or for the Lean principles of management, but there are institutions that offer these certifications. Due to the fact that there is no central body for either of these certifications, the levels and subjects taught within these certifications are not standardized. Different certification organizations also have different reputations within the market so it’s important to do some homework within the industry you are interested in to find out which institutions and certifications carry the most weight.

There are however some similarities between the various organizations offering certification. Six Sigma certification normally requires certification for the four levels or belts of Six Sigma and Lean certification normally includes certification for the three levels of Lean certification.

Six Sigma Certification Levels

The Six Sigma training course is divided into four levels or “belts.” These levels are consecutive, with higher belts or levels requiring more understanding and skill than the lower belts. Six Sigma belts increase in order of yellow belt certification, green belt certification, black belt certification and champion certification.

Six Sigma training includes training on the principles of Six Sigma developed by Jack Welch while at Motorola. Six Sigma training includes training students on the application and implementation of strategies based on the DMAIC principles of define, measure, analyze, improve and check. Students are also taught the DMADV approach to management which is an acronym for Define, measure, analyze, design and verify. Finally, students are taught various quality management tools and techniques including the “five why’s” of management, CTQ tree, statistical tools, cost benefit analysis and business process mapping.

For an article on the “five why’s” you can read: The 5 Whys Template: Simple Steps to Get to the Root Cause of a Problem and the Six Sigma Tools – Quality Tools to Improve Business article provides further information about some of the Six Sigma tools that are required for Six Sigma Certification.

Employees or candidates with a green belt certification are generally referred to as the worker bees of the team or organization. Green Belt employees have sufficient knowledge of the Six Sigma principles to apply them to working situations. They are the people responsible for data collection and the application of Six Sigma principles within the organization. They do not have sufficient understanding however to create or design the projects themselves. If you want to pursue a Six Sigma certification then you should begin by registering for the green belt certification. You can sign up for the  Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification Course. This course will teach you all about the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. The course is offered by OTIFAS – the Operational Excellence Training Institute for Aspirants. Their mission is to train candidates and aspirant individuals in industry to help to instill operational excellence in all industries.

Employees with a Black belt Six Sigma certification are generally found in team management or organizational management positions. They have an in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma principles and have the ability to design and manage the Six Sigma projects within the organization. If you’ve obtained your green belt certification and feel you have sufficient knowledge and experience of implementing Six Sigma principles within industry, then why not take your certification to the next level by enrolling for the Six Sigma Black Belt Training course. The course will teach you how to apply logistic regression analysis, the testing of hypothesis and how to design various Six Sigma experiments. The course teaches you how to apply and design Six Sigma strategy. It shows you how to impliment these strategies with a high level of accuracy and control and how to effectively reduce operating costs through the application of Six Sigma black belt techniques.

If your dream career is as a management consultant then take a look at the Greycampus Six Sigma Primer course today. This course offers students a great introduction to the concepts of Six Sigma and the implementation of Six Sigma, and the course is aimed at those students who are wanting to learn more about the Six Sigma methodologies, techniques and tools.

Lean Certification Levels

Lean certification requires training in the various principles and applications of the Lean system of management. Unlike Six Sigma, Lean management focuses on a set of tools and processes that are aimed at eliminating waste or wasted resources within an organization. Wastes in the Lean management system are called muda and the Lean management system generally identifies seven types of wastes that should be consistently targeted for elimination. These wastes include transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over production, over processing, and defects.

Generally most Lean certification programs divide the training course and certification levels into three levels that build upon one another. Each level represents increased knowledge and experience in the application of the Lean principles of management. The levels are referred to as bronze, silver and gold levels. Each level represents a practitioner’s increased knowledge and experience of the Lean management system. It also represents increased proficiency in the other Lean tools and techniques including SMED, FiveS, Kanban, Poke-yoke, total productive maintenance, mixed model processing, single point scheduling, rank order clustering and much more.

If you are interested in learning about the Lean approach to management for your organization or to add to your certifications as a management consultant, then enroll in the Certified Lean Management Professional certification course now. This course provides comprehensive instruction on the Lean management system. The course focuses on customer service, the development and maintenance of systems and providing value to customers through Lean production systems.

Earn While You Learn

Obtaining both the Lean and Six Sigma certifications can certainly open the doors to a lucrative and rewarding career. The advantage of both of these certifications is that you can earn while you learn. In fact both certifications require some sort of working experience and experience in the applications of these techniques in a practical setting. This means that no matter what position you currently hold, investing in your knowledge and expertise in the Lean and Six Sigma principles and applying them to your current position, will give you valuable experience for the future.

If you are looking for a way to climb the corporate ladder, then sign up for the Career Mind Mastery: Learn How To Get Your Dream Job course today and learn to plan for a successful future. This course offers powerful strategies and techniques to help you secure your dream job, career and salary.

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