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gamesIs HTML5 the future of gaming?  The way things are going, it looks as though HTML5 games are set to revolutionize the world of online and mobile gaming.  HTML5 games can encompass a wide variety of programs such as: JavaScript, canvas, WebGL, and CSS3.  This makes the prospect of this type of gaming wide and well-spread; ranging from simple mobile-friendly games to more advanced, intricate, and detailed 3D entertainment.

If you love games, as so many of us do, join us as we take a gander at 15 of the most talked about HTML5 games out on the market today, and get ready to get addicted.

Top HTML5 Games

Sinuous:  If you love space, then you will enjoy Sinuous.  Sinuous allows you to travel through space while being guided by an amoeba that has been entrusted to you by the great Guin.  The red dots in the game are to be avoided.  Hit any other colored dots for more power, and be sure to always keep moving to rack up more points.  As an added bonus, a soft music will be playing throughout your entire space travel.

Sand Trap:  Try not to get trapped in this game.  The objective of the game is to fill up your bucket with sound.  This might sound simple, but you will be dealing with a rotating cube maze at the same time that is hovering above your sand bucket.

Entanglement:  Entanglement is a puzzle game that can really wrap you up.  Your goal is to create a path that is as long as possible.  If you hit any of the walls, the game will be over.  It sounds simple, but it will take a few tries to master.

BananaBread:  There is nothing sweet about this game.  BananaBread was developed by Mozilla in effort to test the performance of its browser.  It is a first person 3D shooter game that incorporates Javascript and WebGL to enable 3D graphics throughout the game.  It is definitely a visually pleasing experience for something that can run within your browser.

Koubachi:  This fun and delightful game requires you to keep your plant health by dragging and dropping each plant in accordance to the light and heat that it desires.

Cube:  This game is Google game that incorporates Google Maps into a 3D virtual maze.  The game gives you a series of tasks, such as joining your friends over at Dodger Stadium.  You will have to complete these tasks as quickly as possible.  Cube has eight different travels that you can go in that will take you through some of the major cities in the world, including: New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Save the Day:  Created by Denki, Save the Day is a fun game, but you will have to be quick.  Your objective is to save all of the people in the game and put out the fire before your time runs out!

Chrome World Wide Maze:  Another Google game, Chrome World Wide Maze is an innovative and fun game that will turn your favorite website or keyword into a 3D maze.  You can access this game from your smartphone as well for on-the-go gaming.

Shell heroes:  A fun game for amphibian lovers, Shell heroes is both a strategy and a puzzle game.  You will help turtles create a path for their king by placing the correct blocks in the correct places.  With each level you advance to, things will get more complicated.

Fluid Table Tennis:  Fluid Table Tennis is a gorgeous game that offers players a ping pong type of game boy experience.  The plasma streams will push your ball across the screen to attempt scoring.  The game has some great music, and you can even play with a friend (or against a computer).

Lolwut:  This is a bright and colorful game with fun and funky music.  There are monsters that tend to look a little silly that will fall from the sky – and your goal is to kick them back to where they came from.  Kids can enjoy this game as well.

Convergence:  If you have a good deal of coordination, then convergence is for you.  You will need to control two characters at the same time who move in opposite directions of each other.  The objective of the game is to bring the two characters together and connect them to create love.  It is a challenging game, but a lot of fun.

Pappu Pakia:  This might remind you a little bit of Flappy Bird.  Pappu Pakia is a fun little game for your computer or phone where you use your mouse or touch screen to keep Pappu the bird from hitting the ground.  This game was created for the Gluthub Game Off in 2012.

HeadBoxing:  If you need to let off some steam, HeadBoxing is a perfect game to release some frustration on.  You can even use your webcam in this game and avoid your enemy’s punches by moving your head.  A single fight will last 60 seconds, so be sure to act quickly and stay on your toes.

Get Motion Media:  If you feel like moving around, try Get Motion Media.  This is a dance pad game that you can play using your webcam that revolves around the use of motion.  Once your web cam is set up, stand at least 2 to 3 meters away from the camera, and the indicators on the screen will take you through the process of how to navigate the game.

Benefits of HTML5 Games

Get Your Game On

With all of its advantages, HTML5 games are gaining popularity and becoming more advanced and more addictive for users.  HTML5 is also turning into a great game development platform for easy and effective game development.  To get started with simple HTML5 Game Development, enroll in this course here.

Page Last Updated: June 2014

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