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Tableau development is one of the most popular data visualization and analytic skillsets in the business intelligence industry. As a result, demand and competition for Tableau developer jobs are very high.

Are you looking to become a Tableau developer? Not sure where to start? We will discuss what a Tableau Desktop developer does, the Tableau job market, and five key steps to land a developer job!

So, what exactly does a Tableau developer do?

A typical day of a Tableau developer can range from meeting with business clients, gathering requirements, pulling and manipulating data, to designing visualizations. Tableau developers need to be able to turn data into insights. Some common tasks of Tableau Developers include:

Tableau Desktop for Data Analysis & Data Visualization

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What is the market for Tableau developers?

In a recent study from Bentley University, Tableau ranked third in technical skills with the biggest increase in demand! 

Technical Skills With The Biggest Increases In Demand:

SkillIndustryIncrease in demand
Big DataInformation Technology3,977%
Tableau Research and Analysis1,581%
NoSQLInformation Technology1,002%
Apache HadoopInformation Technology704%
HTML5Information Technology612%
PythonResearch and Analysis456%
JSONInformation Technology318%

Analytics and data visualization are also becoming part of the standard curriculum at the college and even high school levels. Most research companies expect business and technical graduates to have experience with tools like Tableau when entering the workforce. As a result, many organizations consider Tableau as a desired entry-level skill. 

How much do Tableau developers get paid?

Tableau developers range in salary depending on experience and location. In the US, the current national average annual salary for a Tableau developer is over $94,000. This does not include pay for consulting on platforms like Upwork. 

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Tableau Desktop for Data Analysis & Data Visualization
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Tableau developer salaries

US Tableau Developer Average Base Pay [GlassDoor.com]

Besides pay, Tableau developers often have access to additional benefits, including:

What roles involve Tableau development?

Tableau developers come in many forms, and their titles can vary widely. The good news is that most Tableau developer roles do not require a computer science or data science degree. This means that developers come from a variety of different backgrounds. 

Some typical roles that involve Tableau development include:

5 Steps to land a Tableau developer job

1. Learn the Tableau Desktop fundamentals

A baseline knowledge is key to your development as a Tableau developer and the best place to start your journey. Comprehensive Tableau courses like the following are a great place to learn and grow your Tableau developer skillset:

2. Build in Tableau Desktop often 

One of the best ways to skill up quickly is to commit to using Tableau for a personal or volunteer project. Doing this will give you a sense of urgency and commitment to finish your projects. These projects will provide you with real-life experience with Tableau Desktop. Try to “Tableau Every Day (TED)” to keep your skills fresh!

Some of the best dashboards I’ve seen have come from public projects! Below is an example of a project I worked on (for free) for the national registry of exonerations.

Tableau project for the national registry of exonerations

3. Create a public portfolio

To showcase your work and build a portfolio, you should sign up for Tableau Public. Tableau Public is a free online version of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server where you can share your dashboards (and view other individuals’ work). Having a public profile will motivate you and give you an edge when interviewing for developer roles. One of the best ways to leverage Tableau Public is to host your own Tableau Resume Example!

If you have trouble finding data sets or content for public visualizations, try participating in these free Tableau community activities:

4. Community involvement and networking

Networking is one of the best ways to get noticed by potential employers. Additionally, participating in Tableau events will broaden your skillset and your network. Some of the best opportunities to be involved in the Tableau community include:

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Courses by Maven Analytics

5. Get certified

Getting Tableau Desktop certified is a great way to differentiate yourself from other developers. It is also an excellent way to show potential employers that you know Tableau! There are three levels of desktop certification including:

Before attempting certification, it’s a great idea to complete a course like Tableau Certification Prep: Desktop Specialist + Certified Associate.

Finally, you’ll need to apply for a Tableau developer role! Don’t be afraid to apply to a position, even if you feel unqualified. You won’t need to fulfill all the listed qualifications for a job. Below are the primary categories of qualification:

For most jobs, having at least two of these categories will be enough to land a role. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree for most developer jobs, but your degree does not need to be technical in nature. Remember to showcase the assets you’ve built, including:

Finally, make sure to have fun! The main reason Tableau Development has become popular is that it is a rewarding job. You have the opportunity to bring data to life and make a difference in the organization of your choice. Get out there and start helping people see and understand their data!

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