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evernote alternativesWhether you need to make notes for a college assignment or save cool content you find online, Evernote is the software of choice. This great application, available for Mac and PC, makes note-taking and collaboration exceedingly simple.

Unfortunately, Evernote isn’t available for Linux, and its creators have stated that they don’t have any plans to launch an Evernote client for open source operating systems.

Thankfully, a wide variety of alternatives to Evernote are available for Linux users, ranging from web-based apps to desktop utilities. Read on to discover six fantastic alternatives to Evernote that you can use on your Linux-powered device.

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Evernote Web

Huh? If Evernote isn’t available for Linux, how is it our first alternative? While there is no Evernote client for Linux, users are free to use the application’s web interface, which is surprisingly powerful, to store and organize their notes.

The web version of Evernote uses a simple three-panel interface, giving you direct access to your notebooks and data. The giant search bar and easy sharing options make finding notes and collaborating with friends effortlessly simple.

Although it definitely doesn’t compare to the desktop client available for Windows and Mac, Evernote Web is a great web-based choice for Linux users. Since Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers work in Linux, it’s also easy to install the extension.

Evernote Web doesn’t quite match up to the desktop version, but its fantastic user interface and powerful range of options make it a good choice. Besides, you’ll have no problems sharing notes and notebooks with your PC and Mac using friends.

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Do you already have an Evernote account? If you’ve recently switched to Linux and want to keep your old Evernote notebooks and stacks, installing Everpad is a great way to access them from your desktop.

Everpad is an unofficial Evernote client available for Ubuntu. It’s a slick, stylish, and user-friendly alternative to the official Evernote client that runs perfectly in Ubuntu and gives you total access to your Evernote account.

Using Everpad, you can quickly find and edit your notes, share content with friends, and manage your Evernote account. Everpad even includes a dropdown menu with all of your recent notes inside – a feature even the official client doesn’t offer.

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Evernote Web gives you online access to your Evernote account, and Everpad brings this functionality to your operating system. Springseed, on the other hand, is a great alternative note-taking app that’s built from the ground up for Linux users.

Designed by the talented minds at Mintcode, Springseed replicated the functionality of Evernote in a simple, clutter-free interface. Although users can’t share their notes with Evernote users, built-in Dropbox integration makes collaboration simple.

Springseed’s 1.1 update came out earlier this year, giving users faster performance and new categories for note-taking. Although it’s not as polished as the web-based Evernote app or Everpad, Springseed is a nice alternative for open source gurus.


Previously known as NeverNote, NixNote is an open source Evernote client offering total Evernote access for Linux users. This powerful client automatically syncs with your Evernote account using the service’s API, making note management simple.

What makes NixNote stand out from the other Evernote clients for Linux is its great security features. In order to protect the privacy of your notebooks, you can encrypt your database locally and prevent outsiders from gaining access to your files.

Previously developed in Java, the latest edition of NixNote has been rebuilt from the ground up using C++/Qt. This reduces its memory usage and makes its performance comparable to the official Evernote client for Windows and Mac.


Unlike other Evernote alternatives for Linux, which either replicate Evernote’s core functions in a new application or synchronize with its servers, RedNotebook offers a completely different experience.

This cool application is a combined notebook and calendar that lets you save links, images, files, and more to your notebook. You can even export your data in PDF or plain text formats for distributing, printing, or sharing with friends.

RedNotebook backs up to a local ZIP archive, giving you excellent security and easy access to your data. Designed from the ground up for Ubuntu, it’s a nice alternative to Evernote for people interested in note-taking, day planning, and organization.


For the true open source guru, it’s hard not to recommend Geeknote. This powerful console client for Evernote operates from the command line, giving you old school looks with all of the functionality offered by the modern Evernote client.

Geeknote is available for FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X, making it the perfect cross-platform note-taking tool for self-confessed geeks. Like other Evernote clients built for Linux, it syncs with Evernote’s servers using the service’s API.

While its rough-and-tumble interface makes it unsuitable for beginners, Geeknote is a fun Evernote client for open source gurus. Designed for system administration, it’s undoubtedly the Evernote client of choice for people passionate about technology.

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Thinking of switching to Linux?

Evernote’s not the only Windows and Mac software that’s been released as a third-party app on Linux. The world’s most popular free operating system is picking up steam, and switching over could be a smart choice.

Read our blog post on making the switch to Linux and discover the world of open source operating systems.

Page Last Updated: April 2014

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