C# Project Ideas: 6 New C# Projects to Sharpen Up Your Programming Skills

csharpprojectsSimple, modern, functional: these are some of the adjectives you’d usually associate with C#. Originally developed by Microsoft for its .NET initiative, C# quickly gained popularity with developers because of its robustness and flexibility. It ranks sixth on the TIOBE Programming Community Index, a little behind web development staple PHP and Objective-C.

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Learning C# can be great fun, but if you’re tired of the same old “Hello World!” and basic calculation programs, we’ve got a whole bunch of interesting C# project ideas for you:

1. Project Euler

Named after the 18th century Swiss mathematician who is usually considered the father of modern mathematics, Project Euler is a set of mathematical/programming problems that test your coding, mathematical, and logical skills. As any programmer worth his salt will tell you, to be a great coder, you need to be at least a moderately good mathematician. Project Euler is the perfect place to start with problems such as finding the largest product in a series, the largest prime factor, and even Fibonacci numbers. The best part? You can do these challenges in any programming language of your choice!

A great way to start your programming journey is by learning about programming paradigms in this excellent free course.

2. Film Library Project

You all know and love IMDB, so how about making a little film library database of your own? This will be a desktop app that stores data about movies you own/love/want to watch. The app should be able to:

  • Store data on a new movie.
  • Retrieve data on a movie that exists in the library.
  • Include search functionality and the ability to edit entries.
  • (Optional) If data doesn’t exist, pull movie information from IMDB.com
  • (Optional) Pull additional information such as movie poster, images, etc. from the web.

You can use Microsoft SQL Server for the database and Visual Studio for the front end.

3. E-Polling App

This app will recreate the polling process during elections, but with a twist. The app should:

  • Include a sign-up form to register a new poll user.
  • Check whether the user qualifies to poll (over 18 years, has no (fictional) criminal records, etc.).
  • Offer 5-10 poll options to choose from.
  • Display results of the ‘election’.

Again, you can use SQL Server for the database, Visual Studio as the front end software. Although Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows, you can develop keeping Windows 7 in mind. If you find this project a little too difficult, refresh your coding skills with the Learn C# Programming in Ten Easy Steps course.

4. Blood Bank Management Software

In this project, you’ll create a Windows-based blood bank management software. The software must meet the following requirements:

  • Register a new user.
  • Store key data such as blood group, Rh factor (positive/negative), donor’s name, address, telephone number.
  • Retrieve above data through search.
  • Find appropriate match for a particular blood group AND Rh factor type.
  • Display amount of different blood types currently in storage.

You can make this application much more complex by asking for the donor’s prior medical history and showing a positive match only if certain medical conditions are found to be absent, sending a message to the donor if storage levels for his/her blood type are low, etc.

5. HR Match Making Software

In this app, we’ll create a version of Match.com, but for job seekers and employers. The key requirements are:

  • Register a new user as an employer, or a job seeker.
  • Create a new profile for the user. For the employee, this should include, but isn’t limited to, age, contact data, education level, grades, prior work experience, etc. Employers, on the other hand, should include their location, industry, current employee strength, vacancies, etc.
  • Give employers the ability to post new job requirements.
  • Match job seekers with new jobs that fit their requirements.

As you can imagine, you can make this program much larger by including algorithms to show desirable candidates to employers, including a broader set of details, a Q&A section, certification tests, etc.

6. E-ATM

This simple project will essentially create a simulation of an ATM within a Windows program. Just like an ATM, the program should have at least the following features:

  • Check whether an input – i.e. an ATM card (here, say, a debit/credit card number) – is recorded correctly.
  • Verifying user by asking for a PIN number.
  • In case of negative verification, logging out user.
  • In case of positive verification, showing multiple options, including cash availability, previous five transactions, and cash withdrawal.
  • Give user ability to withdraw up to $1000 worth of cash in one transaction with total transactions limited to 10 per day.

For a more complicated program, include the ability to register a new PIN and mobile number, a detailed bank statement, a ‘fast’ cash withdrawal system for quickly withdrawing $20, $50, or $100, etc.

So there you have it – six exciting new C# projects to get you started. Most of these projects are very flexible. They can be as simple as collecting and displaying data, or complex matchmaking algorithms with dozens of data points. Absolute beginners will benefit greatly from the C# for Beginners course by Desirea Herrera.

What are your favorite C# project ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!