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jqueryvsjavascriptGenerally consisting of Debugger, Compiler and a Code Editor, deciding on a specific IDE resource is usually the first step in writing Javascript.  While these are the main components of an IDE, there is now also a large assortment of extra IDA characteristics and programs that can be used to create both simple and complicated Javascript.  In fact, with industry related technological advances, many other IDE options are becoming more and more commonly used for both Javascript design and the specific debugging requirements that may be necessary in order to write successful JS.  Luckily,  if you are new at writing Javascript, Javascript for beginners will allow you gain the experience that you are looking for.

Firebug and Firefox for Various Operating Systems

For those of you that prefer to test Javascript directly in your web browser once it has been written, Firebug is a great option for you as it can be installed directly with Firefox.  In the case that you do not already have Firefox, this specific browser can be download very quickly, with relative ease.  Once you have an operational version of Firefox, Firebug can be easily installed as a browser plugin.  With Firefox open, you will be able to start writing Javascript and start debugging in real time.  You will be able to locate the Firebug IDE by searching for the small icon of a bug in the lower right corner of the Firefox browser.  Because you are investigating Javascript, you will be required to select the script button on the top of Firefox.  From here, you will have the ability to appoint specific break points while assessing your Javascript.  One of the downfalls when it comes to Firebug is that it does not come with a text editor.  In order to access this tool, simply go to Tools ->Firebug->Open with Text Editor ->Add New Editor.

Komodo for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

If you’re an avid Javascript creator, Komoda is absolutely a great IDE investment.  Komodo comes fully equipped with all of the specific resources and languages that you will need in order to be a successful Javascript writer.  In addition to the typical tools that are used with Javascript, Komodo will also allow you to transport just about any source code directly into the IDE.  A great advantage to Komodo it that it consists of a Database Explorer that permits you to explore a website IDE directly from the IDE itself.  Anyone that is an expert in creating web applications is well aware of how beneficial this is.  Of course, not all writers are fully aware of all the necessary fundamentals that are required to create an effective Javascript.  In order to be well versed in this particular area, JavaScript Fundamentals will prove to be essential in your Javascript development.

The Free Komodo Edit for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Komodo Edit is the free edition of the Komodo IDE.  Although Komodo Edit is a useful IDE choice, it lacks a few minor features including an integrated debugger.  Regardless, using Komodo Edit is highly recommended before deciding to purchase the pricey Komodo.  This version still comes intact with intelli-sense and a code editor that migrates smoothly with Firebug and Firefox.

NetBeans for Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows and Linux

Without question, NetBeans is a great resource for anyone that writes both simple and complicated JavaScript.  Possessing some extremely useful tools like an autocomplete source code editor, a debugger that compliments both Firefox and Internet Explorer and Intelligent sense system, there isn’t much that NetBeans can’t do when it comes to JavaScript.  Similar to other IDE options like Aptana Studio, NetBeans has an in-depth support system for migrating Prototype, AJAX, JS libraries and Script.aculo.us into the code that is being written.  Because this IDE resource is somewhat complicated, it comes fully equipped with an in-depth tutorial that proves to to be very handy.

Aptana Studio for Windows

One of the best options for JavaScript writers is the completely free Aptana Studio.  By either downloading Aptana Studio by itself or as a plugin this IDE is relatively easy to use; especially when compared to other choices like the Visual Web Developer.  One of the biggest benefits that Aptana Studio provides its users is the ability to support specialty JavaScript libraries like Dojo.  There’s no question that Aptana is easily the best choice for anyone that is using a 3rd party library.  Aptana Studio comes complete with a useful FTP migration system that is very handy if you are currently practicing live JavaScript creation.  Fully supporting Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, Aptana allows you to view your live JavaScript directly inside the browser.

JSEclipse Plugin with Eclipse

If you’re an Eclipse user, JSEclipse is a great plugin resource for writing JavaScript.  Although this is true, it’s important to know that JSEclipse has stopped its production due to Adobe’s purchase of Interakt.  This IDE  option is still a good resource for anyone that wants to write JavaScript as it comes with a source editor that can be used with Firebug and Firefox as a text editor.  Both Eclipse and the JSEclipse plugin are relatively easy to use and are great starting points for beginning JS writers.  If you need more in-depth Javascript knowledge, Learning Javascript Programming Tutorial will be a great help along the way.

For anyone that is an expert with JavaScript or just starting out, there is a wide range of different program options that provide essential tools to help make the writing and debugging process much easier.  In order to find the right program to fit your specific JS needs, you will be required to perform the necessary research to see how each resource operates.  There’s no question that some IDE’s are easier to use than others, which is why it’s crucial to find the best personal outlet to use when writing specific JavaScript.  While you might already know the basic Javascript practices, the advanced writers tool can be somewhat difficult to grasp.  For anyone that is ready to take the next step in writing, JavaScript with BackboneJS and Bootstrap CSS will definitely get you there.

Page Last Updated: December 2013

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