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best iphone video editing appWith the latest iPhone 5s boasting an 8 megapixel camera capable of recording video in full 1080p high definition, shooting beautiful footage has never been easier.

Whether you love to shoot viral videos or simply record your vacations, the massive selection of iPhone video editing apps make cutting, splicing, filtering, and rendering your footage a simple, straightforward process.

From iMovie to SloPro, we searched through the App Store for the best iPhone video editing app on the market. Read on and discover the 10 most powerful, creative, and artistic apps for iPhone and iPad videographers.

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Turn your favorite moments into stunning videos. Montaj is a free iPhone video app that allows you to shoot, edit, and share your videos in minutes. Built for a blend of user-friendliness and power, Montaj is incredibly easy to use and highly versatile.

Add filters and background music by shaking and tapping your phone. Bring your short clips to life by creating a powerful, artistic montage video. From vacations to everyday outings, Montaj is a fantastic app that injects new life into your videos.

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Qik Video

Qik is an awesome video app from the team behind Skype. Although it’s going to be discontinued shortly, this app’s functionality has been integrated into the latest version of Skype, giving mobile videographers plenty of power in a new form.

This user-friendly app lets you capture, edit, and share your videos with your close friends, family, and social circle in minutes. Send your vacation videos to family and friends live, letting your family enjoy your favorite travel moments in real time.


Unleash your inner avant-garde artist with VideoGrade. This cool video editing app lets you colorize your iPhone video footage for a look reminiscent of 20s silent film, 60s LSD-chic, or 80s ultra-colorful techno-pop.

With eleven different color adjustments for you to manipulate, VideoGrade gives you total control over the look and feel of your videos. Enter the world of extreme color with the unique, eye-catching color options provided by VideoGrade.


Shoot beautiful video at 1,000 frames per second. SloPro is a high-speed video app that allows you to shoot video at an incredible speed, then replay it back in super-slow motion for the ultimate live action replay or detail shot.

Although the app has quite a steep learning curve, it’s an essential addition to any serious mobile videographer’s editing arsenal. SloPro also allows you to add your own music to videos without having to export and reopen videos in another app.


Known as the ‘magical’ movie editing app, Magisto lets you add new life to your iOS video collection. Choose your videos (or use a photo collage), select a visual theme, and add music for the ultimate combination of vintage style and mood-setting tunes.

Ideal for people that need to create stylish, aesthetically pleasing videos in very little time, Magisto makes filters and visual editing simple. Just shoot, splice, and share for the ultimate in cool-looking, memorable vacation videos and home movies.

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Step into your own iPhone effects studio. Cinefy brings over 100 Hollywood effects to your iOS device, ranging from classic fades and wipes to CGI lighting, sci-fi alien space ships, and incredible helicopter gunships.

While it’s undoubtedly a little off the wall, adding amazing effects to your vacation videos and home movies is always fun. Cinefy’s effects are sold in packs, letting you cheaply and quickly stock up on CGI renders and filters that are to your liking.


Capture, create, and share your favorite everyday moments with friends. Viddy is a free app that lets you record several short clips to create 30-second videos ideal for sharing with friends, family members, and your social network.

From simple filters to blending and contrast effects, you can edit your videos for the perfect look and feel. Once you’re finished, share them with your social network or search Viddy’s own network for inspiring, entertaining new video content.


Apple’s classic video editing suite has made its way to the iPhone. Designed from the ground up for mobile devices, iMovie offers the same amazing features as its Mac OS counterpart with a user-friendly touchscreen interface that’s perfect for iOS devices.

Review your clips in slow motion, mark the best moments for future reference, and add incredible transitions and effects to suit your tastes. Then add music, credits, or Hollywood-style trailer effects before you export your movie.

iMovie for iPhone includes a wide variety of export and encoding options, making it easy for you to upload your movies to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. You can even choose to automatically share your movies with friends and family using Messages or Mail.

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ReelDirector is an old school video editing app for iPhone. This impressive app has been around since the days of the iPhone 3GS, and it remains one of the best apps for videographers interested in making short, professional videos with an iPhone.

Although it has some flaws related to its age – amazingly, you can’t preview videos before rendering them – ReelDirector is still a solid offering. Adding text overlays and transitions is simple thanks to this app’s clean, user-friendly interface.


Make amazing photo slideshows with Splice. This awesome app lets you splice your photos together into an inspiring, stylish video. With a wide range of effects, sounds, and transitions, Splice is a detailed and surprisingly powerful video editing app.

Developed in 2010, Splice has been kept up to date through a series of detailed and comprehensive updates over the past four years. With full HD support, a good audio editing interface, and simple video trimming, Splice offers many features that newer video editing apps often don’t.

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Page Last Updated: March 2014

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