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best computer language to learn“What are some of the best computer languages to learn?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions by novice computer programmers planning to pursue a career in software development. However, the answer to this question is not simple. There are hundreds of programming languages currently being used for different types of software development. While most of the programming languages have some common functionality, they are usually different in terms of the applications they develop and the platform they target.

Selecting a programming language to learn is highly subjective and depends on the type of applications you want to develop. This article gives a brief introduction to some of the most widely used programming languages.

General Purpose Languages

1-     Java

Java is one of the most widely programmed language around the globe and there are good reasons for that. Java was the first complete object-oriented language where everything existed as a class (barring primitive data types). Java fosters the principle of WORA (write once run anywhere). Another great feature of Java is that it targets multiple platforms. Java programs, once developed, can be run on Windows, Linux and Unix. Java can be used to develop desktop applications, web based applications and also the new Android based applications. Therefore Java, is one of the most recommended programming languages to learn.

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2-     C Language

The C language is still considered the closest to the hardware layer after the assembly language. C is often the first programming language taught to graduates at different schools worldwide. C is not an object-oriented language, but is still considered an important language to learn particularly for the people looking to pursue a career in embedded systems programming.

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3-     C++

C++ addresses the lack of object orientation in the C language and provides an object-oriented framework for developing software applications. C++ also takes the security feature of the C language to the next level. Languages such as Java and C# owes a lot to C++ for object orientation and modularity. C++ is therefore another extremely important language to learn.

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4-     C#

C# is a Microsoft based language and is used for developing applications for windows operating system. C#, like Java is an object oriented language, however C# has limitations in terms of portability and applications developed in C# can only run on windows based applications. With the help of IDE’s like visual studio, it is extremely easy to program in C# and anyone looking to pursue a career in developing applications using Microsoft’s tools must learn C#.

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Web Based Languages

Website development has been a lucrative career since the advent of World Wide Web and every software developer should have a solid idea of how a website is developed. The following are some of the languages that a programmer should learn in order to be a good web developer.

1-     HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the back-bone of every website. Web browsers understand nothing but HTML. Even dynamic websites render pages in the form of simple HTML after processing. HTML is prerequisite to learning more advanced programming languages.

2-     CSS

While HTML defines the content of the webpage, the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) defines how the content looks on the web page. CSS is a simple and easy to learn language and is extremely important for implementing the look and feel of a website.

3-     JavaScript

JavaScript is a client side scripting language that is used to control the user interaction with the website on client side reducing load on the server. JavaScript is totally different from Java language. JavaScript is also widely used for programming browser based games.

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4-     PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessing) is one of the most widely used server-side programming language. PHP can be used to develop complex, dynamic web applications. PHP is an open source language with huge developer community. PHP powers websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo.com.

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5-     ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft’s famous .NET framework and is used to program server side code. ASP.NET is similar to PHP in functionality, however unlike PHP, ASP.NET is not open-source. A big pro of ASP.NET is that it can be used with multiple .NET languages such as C#, VB.NET and F#. Therefore, a programmer with solid knowledge of any Microsoft language can easily switch to ASP.Net.

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How to make a decision about the language to learn?

So, how do you decide what programming language to learn? Since the list is long, where do you start? The following are some of the important questions that must be answered before taking a decision about programming language to learn.

There is no such thing as a bad programming language; every programming language is developed with a particular purpose. However, not every programmer is an expert in every language. So, for those who are new to programming languages, Udemy has got all sorts of tutorials in different programming languages. Just go to www.udemy.com and find the course that you want to take. The prices are highly reasonable and the quality of the courses is exceptional. Happy Coding!!!

Page Last Updated: June 2014

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