videoYouTube is the clear giant in online video platforms. They welcome more than 1 billion unique users every 30 days. Every 60 seconds, over 100 hours of video is added to the YouTube ecosystem. The vast majority of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States. It reaches more adults in the United States between the ages of 18 and 34 than any cable network.

In comparison, Vimeo has about 60 million monthly unique visitors. There are around 250,000 websites using Vimeo. The most popular subjects in the top 1 million sites that use Vimeo are business, education, entertainment, news, religion, shopping and technology.

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Reach Vs. Image

Which video hosting site is best? This is a popular debate among casual users and video gurus alike. Which is faster? Which one is more professional? From a marketing standpoint, YouTube offers significantly more reach. From a quality standpoint, Vimeo has a more polished look.

Currently, YouTube limits videos to 15 minutes unless you have special permission, which is based on length of membership and other considerations. Recent changes to YouTube give you the ability to create channels for different topics. You can have a channel for your business and another for family videos, for example.

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Target Niches

This YouTube feature makes it easier to target niche audiences with videos. On the other hand, the size and reach of YouTube means that the environment is more cluttered. It is difficult to control the other videos around your brand. While the YouTube player is a familiar sight on sites around the web, you may not want some of the video content on YouTube to appear next to your content.

Vimeo is considered to have a cleaner, more professional design. The video player is modern and sophisticated. It has been designed to highlight the videos themselves, rather than Vimeo or other marketers. This gives your message a much higher profile, and provides more focus on your brand.

Cool Kids

Because it is much smaller, Vimeo has developed a personality as a cooler, hipper option. It is a more polished environment, and is an attractive option for businesses seeking to maintain a high-quality brand. Vimeo is the go-to choice if you are an artist, filmmaker, musician or other creative professional. As result, you’ll get more support from like-minded souls in the community. They will make comments, offer suggestions and encourage collaborations.

If you have a strong brand with plenty of views, you may eventually be eligible for YouTube’s revenue sharing program. They will place advertisements on your videos and in the corresponding sidebar. You receive income based on the views your videos get. While some report that the income is not worth the participation, others are making a six-figure, full-time income from their YouTube partnership.

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Unlimited Uploads

Another benefit of YouTube is that you can upload unlimited videos. As you gain history, viewers and other positive statistics, YouTube may notify you that you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. However, there is no set schedule to determine when that may happen.

You cannot promote a standard brand or business on Vimeo unless you choose to upgrade to a Pro subscription, which costs around $200. This is a consideration for marketers on a budget, like startups and solo entrepreneurs. There are benefits to a professional subscription. Video resolution is much better and it requires less bandwidth to view them.

Video Branding

With Vimeo you can also place your brand on your own videos, whereas YouTube always locates its logo in the corner. Unfortunately, the professional account has limits in terms of maximum uploads per year and a maximum size of each video. In contrast, YouTube only restricts initial accounts by time length, and offers unlimited uploads.

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YouTube has been described as a big noisy city, while Vimeo is a cool college town. Whether you like the big city lights, or the cool sophistication of the college scene, both video platforms offer you tremendous advantages to market yourself and your business.

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