You’re Invited! 1st Annual Give Back, Get Back

1st Annual Give Back, Get BackWe’re holding our 1st Annual Give Back, Get Back, and you’re invited!

All over the world, individuals are giving gifts of food, clothing, encouragement, and Udemy’s Give Back, Get Back is to empower our instructors to Give Back the Gift of Education. In return, you Get Back the pride of sharing your knowledge with others.

So far, Scott Britton had 304 people from join his courses. He teaches the popular courses “Sleep Hacking” and “Master Gmail to be 10x More Productive.” You rock, Scott!

How do I participate? …It’s easy!

DL-giveback_emailno1Decide what non-profit, student organizations, group of individuals, etc. you want to Give Back to. Ask yourself: What group or individuals can really benefit from learning the content in my course?

DL-givebackemailno2Send your “GIVE” coupon code to your target non-profits, student organizations, and individuals (e.g. GIVEBACK, GIVE50, GIVE2013). Important: Use “GIVE” in your coupon code to have your course seats counted towards the overall Give Back, Get Back goal!

Join Scott Britton and other instructors reaching out to non-profits, student organizations, meetup groups, and giving back this month. It’s as easy as two steps. Are you in?? Submit your GIVE pledge here. (The “Give Back” button takes you there, too. :))


Do you need an Email Template to send to non-profits, student organizations, meetups, etc.? Steal the one below!

Hi there,

I teach “Become a Dynamic Public Speaker” on Udemy, and I’d like to give the members of your organization a coupon to access it completely free. It’s one of the things I’m doing this season to give back. :)

The course covers how to [briefly list what your course covers], so I think your members will find it very useful! And in fact, it would make me so grateful to see them take the course and put what they learn to use.

To access the course, just go here [include your direct coupon code link containing “GIVE2013” or “GIVEBACK”]. Happy holidays, and happy learning!